I am just curious about what speedrunners most generally aim because that in random seed glitchless, and also what I have to aim for. Ns have already searched this but I acquired a wide selection of answers.

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Is there a minimum number, or also a unstable number I have to aim because that to at least cover the minimum requirements for Blaze rods and ender pearls?


Least is zero, in collection Seed operation on a seed whereby all end portal sockets are currently settled.

On "random seed glitchless" i beg your pardon is currently around the most well-known category, 13 pearls is a safe amount. Obtain less and also you"re risking.

First off - regarding the finish portal:

The frame has the greatest probability that generating with just one eye of ender (37.7%), through probabilities dropping come 28.2% because that zero, 23.0% because that two, 8.52% because that three, 2.13% for four, and a complete of 0.433% for 5 or more.

Next, eyes of ender:

The eye has a 20% opportunity of shattering. The player deserve to throw the eye an average of five times prior to it shatters.

Finally, stronghold loot:

In Java Edition, each stronghold altar chest includes 2–3 item stacks, v the complying with distribution:

Item <...> Avg. # chests to find Ender Pearl <...> 4.3So you need 11 pearls to be greatly on the safe side concerning the portal - just 28.2% the strongholds don"t have actually one. Girlfriend need much more to uncover the stronghold - it"s unlikely not to break at the very least one eye of ender in the process, but that component is in equal parts luck and also your own skill in ~ triangulation - a an excellent player will acquire the stronghold in 5-7 throws, a beginner might require 20 and more. And also last however not least, if you"re one pearl short, the operation isn"t dead yet, as possibilities are an excellent there"s one in a chest in the stronghold.

Summing up, through 11 pearls girlfriend need good luck - no break any, and have at least one in the portal, or if you break one - have actually two in the portal. V 12, you still have actually a great deal of a opportunity of shedding - if one pearl breaks and the portal is unsettled, or two break. Through 13 and more, you"re mostly safe.

Obviously 1 blaze stick produces 2 blaze powder, for this reason you need at the very least 6, preferably 7. If friend have an ext pearls 보다 12, don"t handmade the critical eye that ender uneven you actually view you need it to fill a slot - a spare enderpearl deserve to save a bunch the time acquiring from the generate platform to the central end island in case you spawn way off the leaf of it.

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Regarding variety of drops, ns ran this rig for a an excellent while, provided up 12 stacks of gold, created over 3 chests of "junk" and obtained 258 pearls, in the following ratios:

This uses to 1.16.1 - there"s no allude speedrunning 1.16.2 or higher, together there"s no separate group for these and also both pearl profession frequency is halved, and also the trade amounts are 1 to 4 instead of 4 to 8 pearls.