Multiple ear piercings are anywhere these days. The joy of having multiple piercings on her earlobe or outer cartilage is the chance to adjust your look to enhance your mood or occasion. From a clean line of classic graduated pearls to a fun mix that hoops and studs, many piercings are a good way come express your an individual style.

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If you are thinking about multiple ear piercings, right here are a couple of things to consider before getting that 2nd (or third, or fourth) ear piercing.


If you recognize that you desire multiple piercings, it is feasible – also preferable – to get more than one piercing on your earlobe or outer cartilage in a solitary sitting. The only aspect that will determine how numerous piercings you deserve to get at one time is the room available on her ear.

If you had actually an ear piercing recently, that a good idea to wait for her piercing come heal before getting a 2nd hole. For earlobe piercings, yes a 6 week healing period before you have the right to start swapping the end earrings. Because that cartilage piercings, you have actually 12 weeks until you can safely change your earrings.


What’s the major reasoning behind getting your first or 2nd ear piercings? to express your style, that course! before heading the end to obtain your ears pierced, think carefully about the species of earrings you want to wear. This will assist your ear piercer determine where finest to ar your brand-new piercings.


No two ears are alike – also on the same head! The size of her ear and also the types of earrings you want to stay will determine how countless piercings you have the right to fit on your ear and also how much room you need to put between each piercing hole. If piercings space made also close together, you may have trouble installation the earrings you desire to wear. Much more importantly, if the holes space pierced also close together, there is a danger they will merge into one, bring about a tear.


Earlobe piercings have the right to be do on the soft tissue of the lobe, finishing just prior to the difficult cartilage begins. Come determine best placement, her ear piercer will feel your earlobes come determine just how much soft tissue you have easily accessible for piercing. Using your primary earlobe piercing together a beginning point, 2nd (and 3rd and 4th if yes room) earlobe piercings need to be spaced same up the line of the earlobe around ¼” apart.

Outer Cartilage

Outer cartilage piercings deserve to be made simply inside the curl whereby the cartilage tissue is flat and open. Just like earlobes, the number of outer cartilage piercings you can have is determined by the size of your ear and also amount of level cartilage tissue available. Outer cartilage piercings should likewise be made around ¼” apart.



At the time of your piercing, your piercing professional will advice the dimension of your ears and discuss wanted placement v you. Next, they will certainly make location dots on her ears v a surgical noting pen and carry out you v a winter so that you deserve to review and approve the marks. If you are not happy with the location of the dots, her ear piercer will certainly clean off the dots v an alcohol wipe and start again.

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