Xenon, a chemical facet with the prize Xe and atomic number 54,is a colorless, odorless, tasteless, non-flammable, nontoxic inert gas. The is very rare noble gas found on the earth"s surface.

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It is provided in flash lamps, arc lamps, and likewise used together generalanesthesia. Greatly noble gases execute not reaction with various other atoms but unlikelyxenon easily reacts through fluorine to form different fluorides. XeF6, XeF4and XeF2 room the three secure fluorides of xenon. XeF deserve to be produced but theoretically, that is extremely unstable. It can likewise reacts v chlorine, bromine, and also iodine toform XeCl2, XeCl4, XeClF, XeBr and also XeI.

You are right here to know valence electrons and valency that xenon,aren’t you? But prior to that let’s have some ideas about what these two termsare:

Difference between Valence Electrons and also Valency

Valence electrons are the total variety of electrons presentin the outermost shell of an atom (i.e. In outermost orbital). The valenceelectrons for a neutral atom is always definite, it cannot be differed (more orless) in any kind of condition because that a specific atom and may or may not be same to itsvalency.


Valency is defined as the total number of electrons one atomcan lose, gain, or re-publishing at the time of bond development to acquire a stableelectronic construction i.e. To finish an octet. The valency of one atom canbe change in various compounds or chemistry reactions because of the differentbonding circumstances. Most of the time valency varies/changes early out to readjust inoxidation and also reduction states.

Xenon (Xe) Valence Electrons

There room four an easy steps to uncover out the valenceelectrons because that xenon atom i beg your pardon are:

Step 1: find the atomic Number


To uncover out the atomic number of xenon, we have the right to use theperiodic table. V the aid of the regular table, we can quickly see that the atomic variety of xenon is 54. Together its atom number is 54, it has 54 protons,and because that neutral xenon, the variety of protons is always equal to the number ofelectrons i.e. Xe has actually 54 electrons in that is nucleus.

Step 2: write Electron Configuration


Electron configuration is the setup of electrons onthe orbitals. The xenon atom has a total of 54 electron so, we need to put 54 electron in orbitals.The electrons will certainly be placed in orbital according come this energy levels: <1s, 2s, 2p, 3s, 3p, 4s, 3d, 4p, 5s, 4d, 5p, 6s, 4f, 5d, 6p, 7s, 5f>. Now,

Xenon electron configuration Xe (54) =1s22s²2p⁶3s²3p⁶3d¹⁰4s²4p⁶4d¹⁰5s²5p⁶(completeconfiguration)

= 4d¹⁰5s²5p⁶ (condensed configuration).

Step3: recognize Valence Shell

As us know, the valence shell of an atom can be found fromthe highest variety of principle quantum number which is express in the termof n, and in4d¹⁰5s²5p⁶, the highest possible value that n is 5 so the the valence shell of Xeis5s²5p⁶.

Step 4: uncover Valence Electrons

The total variety of electrons current in the valence shellof an atom is referred to as valence electrons, and also there is just one electron presentin the valence shell of xenon (5s²5p⁶). Thus, xenon has actually eight valence electrons.

Valency that Xenon (Xe)

There are many different ways to discover out the valency of atom which mirrors the ability of an atom come bond with various other atoms. Valencedescribes how conveniently an atom or a totally free radical can integrate with other chemicalspecies. The valency of an atom is determined based upon the variety of electronslost, gained, or mutual with an additional atom at the time of link formation.

An atom is claimed to be stable as soon as its outermost shells haveeight electrons (except H & He). If the total variety of electrons inoutermost shells is in between one come four, the atom has actually positive valency and also ifelectrons are in between four come eight, the valency is calculated by subtractingfrom eight and valency will certainly be zero. Atom having four outermost electronspossess both optimistic and negative valency, and also atoms having actually eight outermostelectrons, valency will certainly be zero (i.e. Noble gases).

Noble gases prefer xenon have eight valence electrons so itdoes not require to shed or acquire electrons to finish their energy shell i.e. Stableoctet. So that they execute not have actually any propensity to incorporate with other elementswhich renders the valency the xenon zero. Due to the fact that valency is all about lose, gain, orshare that electrons.

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We can likewise find the valency that xenon v the aid of a periodictable. Together xenon belonging to group 8A i m sorry are groups of noble gases having valencyzero.