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Jill Scott
Jill Scott
49 years old
4 April 1972
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, united States
1.68 m
90 kg
Lyzel Williams (m. 2001–2007)
Yes (Jett Hamilton Roberts)
American singer-songwriter, model, poet and actress
$15 million
October 2021

Jill Scott is an American singer, songwriter and actress. It rotates date, she has released 5 studio albums many of i beg your pardon have completed gold status. A gifted singer, Jill Scott has actually received numerous awards and also accolades in her career together a musician.

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Maybe friend know about Jill Scott very well however do you know exactly how old and also tall is she and what is her network worth in 2021? If you perform not know, We have prepared this article around details of Jill Scott’s quick biography-wiki, career, skilled life, personal life, today’s network worth, age, height, weight, and more facts. Well, if she ready, stop start.

Early Life

Jill Scott to be born on fourth April 1972 in Philadelphia, USA. Lugged up in a loving setting by her mother Joyce Scott and also grandmother, Jill had actually an affectionate and caring upbringing.

Jill Scott visited the Philadelphia high school for girls. After her high institution graduation, Jill enrolled in the holy place University through the target of coming to be a teacher. After facing criticism from fellow teachers the her teaching methods, she stop on she dream and college.

A gifted artist, Jill was discovered by a hip-hop band The Roots. She started co-writing songs and also later contributed as a singer too.

After gaining sufficient confidence in she singing and writing capabilities, Jill introduced her an initial studio album that is Jill Scott? The album came to be a best seller and also had achieved the platinum standing in the USA.

Since climate Jill has made four more albums. Gift multi-talented Jill has likewise forayed right into modelling and acting.

Personal Life

Jill has actually been married twice. Her very first marriage come long-time friend Lyzel Williams lasted 6 years. The couple divorced in 2007.

Later Jill became engaged to she drummer Li’l john Roberts, and they together have a son. Quickly after their child’s birth, the couple broke up.

Jill Scott married again in 2016 come Mike Dobson however divorced the after just 15 months of marriage.

She is currently living in Tennessee v her family.

Age, Height, and Weight

Being born on 4 April 1972, Jill Scott is 49 year old together of today’s day 22nd October 2021. Her elevation is 1.68 m tall, and her load is 90 kg.


Jill Scott started her career as a singer through the band the Roots. She later on toured with singer Eric Benet because that the Broadway musical Rent.

She tape-recorded her very first album in 2000. It has actually 18 tracks and Jill to be nominated for the Grammy award for one of the tracks.

She exit her 2nd album Beautifully person in 2004. Jill winner her an initial Grammy award for a track in the album.

Three an ext albums complied with suit with the latest Woman exit in 2015.

Jill Scott is likewise a talented actor and also has taken exhilaration lessons prior to pursuing a job in acting. Some of her significant works encompass movies prefer Hounddog, Why did I gain married and Steel Magnolias.

She has also penned a volume the poems that was published in 2005.

Awards & Achievements

Jill Scott has won plenty of awards together a singer and a songwriter.

She has won the Grammy award 3 times for she songs in her 2nd and 3rd albums. Because that her an initial album, she won the heart Train Music award in 2001.

Other than music awards Jill Scott has also won awards for acting and also music videos. She winner the NAACP compensation for she TV series Sins that the Mother.

Net worth & value of Jill Scott in 2021

Jill Scott network Worth

As that October 2021, Jill Scott has earned her network worth that $15 million indigenous her impressive career in singing and also acting.

Most of her albums have sold much more than a hundred thousand copies. Her an initial album has actually sold an ext than a million copies in the USA alone.

Her movie have likewise done exceedingly fine at the box office. Her movie Why walk I get married earned a document $38 million in the an initial ten work itself. Steel Magnolias gained a complete of 6.5 million views which is the third highest because that an original.

Jill Scott also earns through her miscellaneous concerts and tours.

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Jill Scott is a multi-talented star that has sculpted a niche fan base because that herself. A human who never ever bows down under pressure, Jill has actually weathered her an individual problems brilliantly and has continued to be a top performer and artist of she genre.