Investors make money as soon as they purchase low and sell high. In Trading Places, Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd market high and then purchase low. One of two people way, they do a many money.

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So what happened?

It starts through some insider information. Aykroyd and also Murphy stealing a report that will reason the price of orange juice to fall, and replace it v a report that says OJ prices will certainly rise. They carry out this since they recognize their enemies, the battle each other brothers, will trade on the phony report.

Moving come the big scene, the battle each other brothers, with their trader, starts buying OJ futures. Then anyone buys. The value skyrockets.

Once the price it s okay to a high point, and also the whole market thinks the price will only go up, Aykroyd calls out a promise to offer OJ at that high price in the future. Basically he is make a bet that the price will certainly fall. (He knows it will due to the fact that he’s read the report.)

Basically, he buys a lot of orange juice for an extremely cheap, and sell it for a the majority of money. The Dukes didn’t.

P.S.: Don’t shot this at home. Numerous stuff in Trading Places, consisting of insider trading, is illegal. Trade commodity futures is likewise a an excellent way for individual investors to finish up as damaged as the Dukes in ~ the finish of the movie.


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