Alan Thicke‘s household is psychic the so late actor top top what would have been his 70th birthday.

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Alan‘s wife Tanya Thicke took to Instagram to share a sweet snapshot and post for she late husband on his birthday.

“Happy birthday to my angel #2016 joint date of birth celebration, they say 2 Pisces are inner soulmates You are so missed mine love……” Tanya captioned the listed below pic.

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Alan and Tanya‘s 19-year-old child Carter likewise shared a throwback snapshot of himself through his dad wherein he said he wishes Alan is enjoy it his “birthday margarita and rhubarb pie.”

Alan pass away ago in December of critical year after ~ he experienced a heart strike while play hockey through Carter.

Happy date of birth to my angel ❤️ #2016 joint birthday celebration, they to speak 2 Pisces space eternal soulmates