Jentzen Ramirez is a top-notch Movie gibbs who gained fame because of his outstanding work in attribute films and short films. Among the major reasons because that his popular is the “Star Wars: Generation” brief film, which that did together the major acting command role.

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After that, he never turned ago and attained a higher level that success.

Jentzen Ramirez isn’t famed only for his exhilaration Career. There is a huge component of social media that has actually made him the well-known personality that the internet. Here, friend can take into consideration it since he has an outrageous amount of Subscribers top top the YouTube Self-titled channel, which likewise become a significant reason for grabbing loads of impressive acting opportunities.

He never considers success as a blessing solely. He has actually done a remarkable amount of hard work and dedication to success that numerous other world never dream that in your life.

Due to she high popularity, he i do not care friends with other social media stars favor Sophie Fergi, Eliana Walmsley, and many more.


Jentzen Ramirez Age

Jentzen Ramirez will certainly turn 15 year old in 2021. He was born in Austin, Texas, on respectable 8, 2006. The birth star that Jentzen Ramirez is Leo. Besides that, his education details plainly show that he is studying at the neighborhood high school of Austin.

Jentzen RamirezWiki/Quick View
Nick NameJentzen
Age15 year Old
How old is Jentzen Ramirez in days now?15 year 1 months 13 days
Date that BirthAugust 08, 2006
BirthplaceAustin, Texas
Famous AsSocial media influencer
Zodiac SignLeo
FatherNelson Ramirez
MotherMrs. Ramirez
SistersLiana K. Ramirez
Girlfriend/DatingElliana Walmsley
Previous Dating?Sophie Fergi
Net Worth $2 million

Jentzen Ramirez Family

Jentzen Ramirez Mother’s surname is Mrs. Ramirez, and his father’s surname is Nelson Ramirez. The experienced background the Jentzen Parents mirrors that his dad is a businessman when his mother is a housewife.

Apart indigenous that, she does have actually an elder sister called Liana K. Ramirez. His sister is likewise into the acting ar by profession and has done significant projects as with the younger brother. Hence, that is no the just actor native the family.

Jentzen Ramirez with his sister Liana

Jentzen Ramirez GirlFriend/Dating

Jentzen Ramirez does have actually a successful career together with a vivid personality. Therefore, he may have a girlfriend. In ~ first, he started dating Sophie Fergi, who is a YouTube star with practically 1.6 million Subscribers. That was often seen in she YouTube videos. Both the them were happy until someday they felt to end up your relationship.

After that, Jentzen Ramirez is seen with Elliana Walmsley a many the time in a different place. Fans and also media personalities found it something rare and also started rumors about their relationship. After some time, both the them evidenced the news, and also they are now dating. By profession, Elliana Walmsley is a renowned dancer.

Jentzen Ramirez with his girlfriend Elliana Walmsley

Height and Physical Appearance

If us talk about his appearance, therefore he has actually a dark brown eyes and also hair color. Meanwhile, the skin tone is white.

Jentzen Ramirez net Worth

Jentzen Ramirez’s network worth is $2 million. A significant amount the his income originates from the social media platforms and also his exhilaration projects. In addition, the has operated on more than ten various short and featured movies that have made him a significant amount the money.

Apart from that, that is to run a self-titled YouTube channel together with other society media accounts. The popularity of these accounts is in millions. Hence, he does knife through funded posts, endorsements, ad revenues, etc.

Early Life and also Career

Jentzen Ramirez is enthusiastic around acting since an early age. Therefore, he has taken part in plenty of events in the school and other local events to participate as an actor. Also, he has actually bagged several trophies because that himself.

In 2014, he and his family members moved come Los Angeles to begin a brand-new chapter and also his sister’s acting career. Luckily, relocating to a brand-new place made his happy outstanding, and he obtained the film possibility “Una Vida: A fable that music and the mind” in addition to Joaquim De Almeida and also Sharon Lawrence. Native there, he functioned on different projects.

The idea of utilizing Social media platforms came right into his mind when he saw various youngsters who become top-notch actors and actresses by having actually a substantial around of pendant on their accounts. That’s once he created a self-titled YouTube channel in 2019. Currently, he has 1.7 million subscribers end there. Alongside, he has 1.1 million followers on Instagram and also 1.7 million followers on Tiktok.

He won the best child gibbs in the LA awards, and the finest ensemble cast award because that “The Lurking Man” featured film.

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Facts about Jentzen Ramirez

He is a an excellent friend that Sophie Fergi, Eliana Walmsley, and also many more.He loves the color blue.Jentzen is one avid pet lover.Greece is his favorite vacation destination.Traveling and dance room his favourite hobbies.He loves continental Cuisines.