Kevin Hunter is a producer that has functioned in The Wendy Williams Show and also her biopic as well. He was married to Wendy Williams and also is a father of two.

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Quick facts of Kevin Hunter

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49 year 1 months
September 17, 1972
Kevin Hunter
United States
$ 7.5 million
Taurus, Capricorn
October, 2021
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Relationship truth of Kevin Hunter

Kevin Hunter is not having an affair v anyone presently.His sex-related orientation is straight.

More around the relationship

Kevin Hunter to be a married man. That is married come the American tv host, actress, and author, Wendy Williams. The pair married top top November 30, 1997.

They have a son together called Kevin Hunter Jr. He to be born in Aug 2000.

However, this wedding finished in jan 2020 with a divorce. The reason for their split is said to be because he cheated on her. Wendy likewise revealed that he had actually a side chick because that 15 years. Moreover, she likewise said the he had actually a daughter born in 2018 v that woman. However, the surname is veiled.

They lived with each other for 25 years, of which they were married for 21 years. Despite the divorce, the ex-couple space on talk terms.


Post-divorce, Kevin attended his ex-wife’s mother’s funeral.He stop The Wendy Williams Show in 2016.

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Inside Biography

Who is Kevin Hunter?

Kevin Hunter is an American television producer. World mostly know him together the husband that American television host, actress and author, Wendy Williams.

Kevin Hunter: beforehand Life, Childhood, Education

Hunter to be born in the United claims on September 17, 1972. There room no details available around his early on life and parents at present.

He is that American nationality. Furthermore, there space no details available about his ethnic background in ~ present.

Talking about his education, details relating come Hunter’s educational background is at this time missing.

Kevin Hunter: Career, Salary, net Worth

Kevin Hunter has served as his wife’s manager. Additionally, he assisted launch her eponymous fact television company. He also has credits as a producer in the TV series including ‘Wendy: The Wendy Williams Show’, ‘Wendy Williams Project’, and also ‘Queen the Media.

Furthermore, people mostly recognize Kevin together the husband of popular host and actress Wendy Williams. Back the pair’s relationship has seen some dark days, they space together at present and are life happily.

Hunter has not revealed his existing salary. However, he has an estimated net precious of roughly $7.5 million at present.

Kevin Hunter’s Rumors, Controversies

Hunter has actually become part of several cheating scandals. In 2001, Wendy Williams found him cheating simply after the birth of your son. Furthermore, Kevin additionally became part of a debate after Williams was sued over charges the her husband had sexually harassed a member of she staff.

More recently, there are numerous rumors which said that the pair is obtaining divorced. This, however, has actually not been confirmed at present.

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Body Measurement: Height, Weight

Talking about his human body measurement, there room no details available around Kevin Hunter’s height and also weight. His hair color and also eye color are black.