Who is T. J. Lavin?

T. J. Lavin (full name: thomas Joseph Lavin) is one American television host and also cyclist. He has hosted MTV’s The challenge since its eleventh season in 2005 and is likewise a BMX rider.

He has made a career out of dirt bike racing and additionally jumping. In 2010, Lavin had an accident that practically took his life. The Challenge: full Madness premiered on April 1, 2020, and Lavin was ago again to organize the show.

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TJ is the subject of the film A Film about T. J. Lavin. He also appeared top top an episode of MTV’s Cribs. Lavin likewise has a game named after ~ him: MTV Sports: T. J. Lavin’s can be fried BMX. He shows up in a starring duty as Eli in the independent film A Monster amongst Men which was released in 2012.


TJ is additionally a lover of music and also he has actually a recording studio in his residence and also plays the guitar. He also released his album dubbed LAVS the an initial SET. As a tribute come his long-time girlfriend Stephen Murray, TJ released a single called Soldier in 2008. Murray crashed throughout the AST Dew Tour when he suffered a significant spinal injury throughout a double-backflip effort on June 22, 2007. All the sales native the solitary were additionally donated to the Stephen Murray family Fund.

How Old is T. J. Lavin?

Lavin is 43 years old together of 2019. He was born ~ above December 7, 1976, in las Vegas, Nevada, U.S.

T. J. Lavin Family

Lavin to be born come Barbara Lavin. He additionally has a little sister dubbed Brooke. Lavin is so close come his mother and also sister and also he doesn’t hesitate to share your photos on society media.

T. J. Lavin Wife

Lavin has been married come Roxanne Siordia due to the fact that November 2, 2012. The two had actually been together for practically eight years prior to their marriage. The couple got married the exact same day they had actually met eight year ago.

Siordia is a nutritionist and fitness coach that runs she own business in their house city of las Vegas. The two frequently share pictures of us doing different tasks together such as traveling and hiking. TJ and his mam are an extremely outspoken about their love for pets on social media. The two are additionally vegan.

T. J. Lavin Daughter

Lavin has no organic children. He is the step and adoptive dad of Raquel. Raquel is Siordia’s daughter indigenous a vault relationship. Follow to TJ, Lavin likes to surf, wake-surf, snowboard, and also travel.

TJ’s family also has at least three dogs and one cat, and Lavin articles frequent images of his animals on society media.

T. J. Lavin Racing

Lavin began riding bikes in ~ the age of two. The raced BMX until he was 15. Lavin later left racing and also began dust jumping. TJ finally came to be a professional at the period of nineteen. In high school, the was additionally on the rings team.

As a professional, TJ won virtually every competition he has gotten in including the X Games and the Dew action Sports Tour. He winner bronze 3 times, silver once, and also gold 3 times (One to be Australian) in the X Games. Lavin has actually been a DK dirt Circuit Champion, a champion in the gravity Games, a europe championship winner, and a CFB Champion. He was additionally crowned “King that Dirt” in 1995. He is sponsored by S&M Bikes, Headrush, Monster energy Drink, Lavs Lab, and Kicker.

T. J. Lavin Accident – Coma

On October 14, 2010, TJ crashed while competing in a Dew Tour occasion in las Vegas and was rushed to the hospital. That was put in a medically induced coma as result of the an essential injuries that sustained. Quickly after, he emerged a case of pneumonia. ~ above October 20, his organization partner and also friend Chas Aday reported that Lavin was breathing top top his own, following straightforward commands prefer squeezing hand or offering thumbs-up to the doctors.

After making full recovery, TJ had the ability to return house on November 16, 2010.

T. J. Lavin The Challenge

TJ has hosted spin-offs, specials, and MTV’s reality-competition display The challenge (originally titled actual World/Road rule Challenge) due to the fact that its eleventh season. Originally, the collection featured alumni from actual World and also Road rules shows, spreading for The an obstacle has slowly increased to include contestants that debuted ~ above The challenge itself, alumni from other MTV franchises including Are friend the One?, Ex on the beach (Brazil, UK, and also the US), Geordie Shore and from other non-MTV shows.

In the show, contestants compete against one one more in various extreme obstacles to protect against elimination and also win a cash prize.

T. J. Lavin Height

Lavin stands at a height of 6 inches.

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T. J. Lavin net Worth

The tv host, rider, and musician has actually earned significantly through his broad career. He has actually an approximated net precious of $9 million.