Heather Morris fast Info
Height5 ft 8 in
Weight57 kg
Date the BirthFebruary 1, 1987
Zodiac SignAquarius
Eye ColorBlue

Heather Morris is one American actor, singer, dancer, model, voice actor, producer, and writer. She has played Brittany Pierce in the musical comedy-drama television series Glee, Nicole in the comedy film Folk Hero & Funny Guy, Katie in the LGBT-themed comedy web series Go-Go boy Interrupted, Kennedy Dawson in the comedy series The Troupe, Brittany S. Pierce in the 3D concert documentary film Glee: The 3D Concert Movie, Emily in the Christmas film Santa Fake, Katie (voice) in the computer-animated adventure comedy film Ice Age: continental Drift, and Lizbet in the comedy series LA LA Living.

Born Name

Heather Elizabeth Morris

Nick Name

HeMo, Britt, H, Horris


Personal Trainer

Morris does some dance and also martial arts practice to store her body fit. The practice which she has emerged are:

Crescent Crescendo – because that Abs, Butt, Hips, and also Legs Jenga Jump – because that Shoulders, Arms, Abs, and Legs Cat’s Curtsy – for Shoulders, Arms, Abs, Butt, Hips, and Legs play Mantis – for Shoulders, Abs, Hips, Butt, and Legs certified dealer 99 – because that Shoulders, lower Back, Abs, Hips, Butt, Inner, and Outer Thighs Karate Girl – because that Shoulders, Abs, Butt, Inner, and also Outer Thighs Mantis Leap – for Arms, Abs, Butt, and also Legs roman inn Rotator – for Shoulders, Arms, Abs, and also Obliques

Heather Morris favourite Things

Favorite TV Show – Glee favorite Song – any kind of Song of she character Brittany S. Pierce’s in ‘Glee’

Heather Morris Facts

Heather Morris was increased in Scottsdale, Arizona.She is the youngest the the three sisters.HeMo started dancing when she was just 1. She also competed in various dance layouts at a young age.Britt shed her father when she was simply 14. She father died because of cancer.Horris’s first far-reaching performance remained in Season 2 that Fox channel’s televised dance competition ‘So girlfriend Think You have the right to Dance’.Morris do the “green mile” or “Vegas Week” on the show. She fail to make it to the last 20 by a poll of 3-2.She then moved to Los Angeles and also got trained in the jazz kind of dance.Heather’s dancing rest came when she toured together a backup dancer in ‘The Beyoncé Experience’ civilization tour.In December 2009, Morris said in one interview workshop v students about her father’s death. She said,

“It’s something that is difficult for me, since I’m sad around it.

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However I don’t dwell ~ above it. I understand he’s in a far better place, instead of suffering.”