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November 15, 1972



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UK (England)



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Who is Jonny Lee Miller?


Jonny Lee müller is a talented British-American actor.

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Early Accomplishments

Jonny"s exhilaration career was released while he was yet a 10-year-old lad v an episode of the sci-fi series Doctor Who. 

10 year later, the branched into movies playing the Paul personality in the film Dead Romantic. 

The following year, Jonny got in stage acting at the bush Theatre wherein he illustrated the Ste character in the pat Beautiful Thing.

Best well-known For

Over the past decades, Jonny has attained much recognition for performing together Frankenstein in ~ the Royal nationwide Theatre in 2011. His impeccable power earned that an Olivier Award. 

In the procedural series Elementary, the plays Sherlock Holmes.

Sexual Orientation

Jonny is straight. Over the years, he has actually maintained a call for date celebrities. Few of his famed ex-girlfriends encompass Jennifer Esposito, Natalie Appleton, Lisa Faulkner and Kate Moss. 

For 4 years in the so late 90"s, he to be married come the renowned actress Angelina Jolie.


Jonny adhered to his parents" (Anna Lee and also Alan Miller) career route as they to be both theatre actors. 

The so late actor bernard Lee to be his grandfather. 

In 2008, there to be an enhancement into his household as he acquired married to the actress Michele Hicks. Currently, the couple has a son called Buster.

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Jonny is not really outspoken concerning his religious inclinations, because of this we cannot identify what religious beliefs he is linked with.