Lindsay Arnold was always into dancing together she grew up; she to be able to comprise her mind and also decided to select dancing as her profession. She took component in a famous American truth TV present as a contestant called “So you think you have the right to dance” and “Dancing with the stars”. Lindsay is also an American Model and Choreographer.

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Early Life

Lindsay Arnold is born on 11th January 1994 in Provo, Utah, United says of America. Her parent’s names are Mindy Arnold and Josh Arnold. She has actually 3 siblings named Jensen Arnold, Brynley Arnold, and also Rylee Arnold. Lindsay the tiny girl began dancing as soon as she was simply 4. She did she schooling at Timpview High School and also later for more education, she to visit Utah sink University.

Lindsay Arnold Career

Lindsay in ~ the period of 18 years went because that auditions in ~ an American reality TV collection named “So girlfriend Think You deserve to Dance Season 9”. She was able to make it into the top 20 finalists wherein she was paired up through Cole Horibe that is a martial arts blend dancer. She had the ability to make it into the peak 10 however then the contestant has to switch partners because that one week. Later on she was removed on 29th august 2012 and after this show, she resumed she dancing career and also performed in ~ the Show’s 30-City Tour.


As she was a skilled dancer, she got an opportunity to it is in a component of another reality TV collection named Dancing through Stars. It’s been 9 years that she is functioning for this how. In ~ the time when she became a component of the show, she was the second youngest experienced dancer in the history of the show. In season 16th she to be paired up v Victor Ortiz who is a professional boxer and also on the 26th season once she was paired up through Kareem Abdul Jabbar he was an NBA player and was ranked 8th on both seasons. The 3rd rank to be banged by she on season 21st as soon as she to be paired up with Alex Skarlatos who is a national guard member and also on season 23rd through Calvin Johnson Jr. That is an NFL player.

In season 22nd she came 4th with Wayne Morris who is a negative Boys II singer. She secured 2nd position through David Ross who is a major league basketball catcher in the 24th season. In the 25th season, she came first with Jordon Fisher who is an actor and also singer. Top top season 27th she to be paired up v DeMarcus Ware that is likewise an NFL player and came 7th. In the recent season, she secured 6th position v Sean Spicer that is a former white house press secretary. Currently, she has actually taken a break because of pregnancy and also amidst a coronavirus outbreak. She right now started dealing in a cosmetic product line named L.A.C. Through Lisa Arnold.

Lindsay Arnold Biography

Lindsay Arnold physics Statistics

Real NameLindsay Arnold
Birth DateJanuary 11, 1994
Age (as the 2021)27 Years
Birth PlaceProvo, Utah, U.S.
ProfessionDancer, Choreographer
Sun signCapricorn

Marital StatusMarried
Is she a lesbian?No
HusbandSamuel Lightner Cusick

Personal Life

On 18th June 2015, she got married come Samuel Cusick who has been v her due to the fact that her High institution days in ~ Salt Lake temple in Salt Lake City Utah. Currently, she has actually revealed the she is pregnant v a infant girl.

Lindsay Arnold network Worth

Being a model and professional dancer, she provided her blood, sweat, and tears come this profession. She is an extremely hardworking and specialized to she career. Her net worth has been estimated at roughly $720 thousand. She is quite active on social media sites choose Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat. She loves come share she moments through fans via these accounts. Pan are fairly mesmerized by her amazing lavish lifestyle. 852 Thousand pan follow her on the Instagram account and 126,200 pendant on Twitter.


In 2008 Lindsay and Whitney Carson have actually made appearances in High school Musical 3.On 4th November 2019, her mother-in-law passed away and also she was yes, really devasted with this news.Lindsay married she High institution sweetheart Sam Cusick that works at CMC rock as a project manager.She secured 1st position on Dancing through Stars v Jordon Fisher.Lindsay is a skilled Latin and Ballroom dancer together well.She ended up being popular on TV series named So you think you deserve to dance.

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