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Malcolm McCormick
19 Jan, 1992
29 years
Scorpio, Virgo, Taurus
September 7, 2018
Singer, Rapper
5 feet 7 inches (1.70m)
Ariana Grande, Nomi Leasure, Julia Kelly$10.1 million
hazelblondePittsburgh, PennsylvaniaAmericanCatholic grade school, Winchester Thurston School, Taylor Allderdice High School.

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 Late Mac fearbut is one American rapper, songwriter, and singer. Mac Miller was in a relationship with fellow singer Ariana Grande in the past. Similarly, Mac Miller has actually his own record label called ‘REMember Music’.

Table the Biography

Early life

Mac’s full name was Malcolm James McCormick. He was born top top January 19, 1992, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mac to be an American by nationality. Likewise, he to be born to parents Karen Meyers(Mother) and also Mark McCormick(Father). His mommy Karen to be a professional photographer by profession while his father to be an architect.

Both his parental belong to two different faiths. His mommy is a Jew and his father methods Christianity. Likewise, he had an older brother whose name is fearbut McCormick. Talking an ext about his childhood, Mac was right into music indigenous a really young age. He began playing a lot of various instruments when he was just six years old.


Caption: A photograph of Mac childishly playing on a rocking horse. Source: Instagram


To gain his straightforward education, Mac went to a Catholic great school. ~ that, the attended Winchester Thurston School. Throughout his schooling years, the was affiliated in various sports such together football and also lacrosse. Similarly, he i graduated high school from Taylor Allderdice High School.


Malcolm passed far on 7th September 2018 due come an accidental medicine overdose. He was found dead in his Los Angeles house by his an individual assistant. His personal assistant dubbed 911 and also even perform CPR under the paramedics come in wishes that he could have to be saved. Later, that was declared dead at 11:51 to be at his home. His sudden death left anyone heartbroken.


Malcolm has a gift because that music. Through the period of just 6 years old, he had learned how to play different instruments such as piano, guitar, drums, and bass. In the same way, he teach himself exactly how to rap at the period of 14. His genre of music to be hip-hop and also R&B. As soon as Mac was still in school he exit a mixtape of his very own titled ‘But mine Macing’ Ain’t Easy’. At the time, he went through the surname EZ Mac to stand for himself. Likewise, that was also in a laboratory group dubbed ‘The III Spoken’. When he was still a component of the group, the released an additional mixtape titled ‘How High(2008)’ which turned the end to be fairly successful. Later, he even came out through two various mixtapes that his own.

In the year 2010, he signed a contract v Rostrum Records. Mac to be 17 years old at the time. By the time, he was already popular. The was also invited by a couple of different record labels however he still made decision Rostrum records at the end. Unlike most young artists, Mac has actually a very stable begin to his experienced career together a singer. In august of 2010, his document label exit a brand-new mixtape dubbed K.I.D.S i beg your pardon was considerably a hit. Transparent his career, the American artist released 13 mixtapes, 6 studio albums, and 2 live albums. His audience loves his music and the emotions behind them. Similarly, his very first album debut remained in November that 2011. His first-ever studio album was ‘Blue next Park’. Three songs native his an initial album were placed on the Billboard hot 100.

More about his career

His music tours were additionally enjoyed by his fans. His first-ever music tour, ‘The incredibly Dope Tour’ to be a significant success. Moreover, Mac has collaborated with plenty of talented artists such as Pink Slime, Ariana Grande, Miguel, and many more. He is also the founder the the document label imprint remember Music. Mac created the document label together a remembrance because that his deceased friend. ~ his contract expired through Rostrum Records, he continued to be an independent artist for a while. In the year 2014, he signed a recording and also distribution contract address Warner Bros label for his label REMember Music. Similarly, the critical album that released prior to his death was in august of 2018 which to be ‘Swimming’. Even after his death couple of of his songs to be released by his estate the was recorded but never exit by Mac before.

Net Worth

Mac had actually a full net worth of about $10.1 million. The earned a bulk of his revenue through his music. Similarly, he also earned v his musical tours and concerts. Basically, his passion and interest in music were his sources of income. Various other than the albums he released, he likewise earned a details sum v his an extremely own record label mental Music.


Caption: Mac posing ~ above a motorbike. Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

Malcolm wasn’t married come anyone throughout his lifetime. However, he remained in relationships every now and also then. His longest connection was v his high college girlfriend Nomi Leasure. They officially started going the end in the year 2009. With many highs and lows, their partnership lasted because that 7 years. Sadly, in 2016, the pair decided to part ways.

Later, Mac began going out with the famous American popular music singer Ariana Grande. Their relationship was cheered ~ above by numerous people. However, Ariana ended their connection 2 year later as result of Mac’s seeks issues. Similarly, in the very same year, Julia Kelly to be suspected to be dating. Nonetheless, the rumors can not it is in confirmed.

Body Measurement and also Social Media

The American rapper was 5 feet and also 7 inches tall. Likewise, Mac has actually naturally blonde hair and hazel eyes. Malcolm had actually a the majority of tattoos all over his body. The bulk of his arms and also legs were spanned with artistic tattoos. Further body measurements of Malcolm are not available.

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Caption: A photograph of Malcolm hold his guitar. Source: Instagram

Before the passed away, he offered to be active on different social media platforms. His Instagram account is
macmiller. Mac had around 6.8 million followers on his Instagram with a proved tickmark top top his profile. Similarly, that posted about 23 short articles on his Instagram feed. He to be on Twitter together
Mac Miller whereby he mutual his music content with his audience. His YouTube channel had actually 3.62 subscribers and still does.