Matthew Healy Height

Healy’s elevation is 5′ 8″ (1.72 m) and he is the shortest member the the band.

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Matthew Healy Weight

He sweet 147 lbs. His load is estimated based upon his height and body structure. Matthew is an extremely slim in stature and does no seem to have actually the type of management to get weight easily.

Matthew Healy body Measurements

His measurements are close come the following:

Shoe Size: 9 (US)Chest: 42 inches.Biceps: 14 inches.Waist: 32 inches.

Matthew Healy Biography, Facts, Family

If you know the English different rock band The 1975, climate you must additionally know their front man, lead singer, guitarist and also pianist, Matthew Healy. Healy to be born in London England to actress mother Denise Welch and also actor dad Tim Healy. That is apparent the arts and also entertainment is in his blood. Also though that did odd tasks like functioning in call centers, cafés, and Chinese takeaways, it’s no surprising that he became the absent star that is today.

Healy met the various other members of the band, Adam Hann, George Daniel and also Ross MacDonald, in ~ at Wilmslow High institution in Wilmslow, Cheshire. Adam castle lend their unique an abilities to create an excellent music, Adam is a guitarist / keyboardist, George is a drummer / backing vocalist, Ross is the bassist / backing vocalist when Matthew is the lead singer, guitarist and also pianist. It to be not lengthy after The 1975 released their debut album the it got to number top top on the UK charts. The self-titled album to be released ~ above September 2nd. 2013.

Net Worth:Matthew Healy has an approximated net worth of $5 million

Age – date of Birth:He was born ~ above 8 April 1989.

Birth sign / Zodiac:Aries

Place the Birth:London, England


Educational Background:He might have to visit Wilmslow High college in Wilmslow, Cheshire whereby he met his other band members.

Family / Parents:Mother name – Denise WelchFather name – Tim Healy

Job – Occupation:Matthew is a brothers Musician, singer, songwriter and guitarist.

Genres: alternative rock indie rock.

Instruments: Vocals guitar piano.

Labels:Dirty Hit and Vagrant.

Girlfriend / Spouse:He was rumored to be date Ali Lohan in 2014.He was also rumored to be in some kind of partnership with Taylor Swift at some point.


Color of Hair:Black


Colors of Eyes:light brown

Physical Distinctive Features:Slim body

Style, makeup, Dress and also hair style:Hairstyle attract lots that attention with the long Mohawk and shaven sides. His garments can be explained as punk rock.

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Religious Belief:Atheist

First Album:“The 1975”

List of truth / Trivia:

He has a brother surname Louis Healy.He does no hold earlier when it come top top kissing a fan.Like Marilyn Manson, Matthew Healy is no afraid to express his wild side. He on regular basis wears women clothing and also make-up.When us say he the writer we median he writes all the lyrics for the band.He to be born come parents who are already famous. His mommy being and also actress and also father an actor.