Paula Patton is one American actress. You might recognize she from movies choose Hitch, Precious, and also Mission: impossible – Ghost Protocol. Is she married? how successful is the actress together of today?


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How old is Paula Patton?

This charming woman was born in 1975. She celebrate her date of birth on 5 December. Together of today, Paula Patton age is 44 years.

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Does she have any siblings? Who are her parents?

Who room Paula Patton parents?

This talented actress was born in the family of Charles and also Joyce. Her father was a lawyer while she mother operated as a teacher in ~ school.

Her appearance makes a lot of people wonder: “What is Paula Patton race?” while her mother is Caucasian, she father is African-American and also she has Dutch, English, and German ancestry.

How high is Paula Patton?

While looking at Paula Patton hot pictures, numerous fans admire the shape of she body. What space Paula Patton measurements?

Who is she married to?


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The surname of the very first Paula Patton husband is Robin Thicke. They acquired acquainted once they to be teenagers. Robin to be 14 year old, while Paula to be 15 year old.

He asked her for a dance at the teenager club whereby they met. After that, they preserved on communicating and began dating in 1993.

Robin became a musician, while the girl maintained on structure her exhilaration career. She appeared on the cover of his debut studio album, A Beautiful World, exit on 15 October 2002.

Robin Thicke and also Paula Patton tied the knot on 11 June 2005.

In February 2014, Paula Patton Robin Thicke connection ended. Return the musician tried to offer their relationship a 2nd chance, Paula filed because that divorce on 3 October 2014.

After the musician and the actress divorced, the web exploded v news the the actress had a brand-new boyfriend, Zak Waters, a songwriter and also singer.


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The alleged Zak Waters and Paula Patton connection came as a surprised to plenty of people. The brand-new Paula Patton boyfriend moved in with her quickly after the main announcement around the divorce.

A couple of years later, in 2018, Paula started dating Zach Quittman.

In one interview v Extra in 2018, the actress provided that she was in love through him:

“I have a boyfriend now. Ns haven’t called anybody a boyfriend… he’s my boyfriend!”

All you should know about Paula Patton kids

PaulaPattonSource: Facebook

After the actress gained married come the musician Robin Thicke, she acquired pregnant. Top top 6 April 2010, the pair welcomed a infant boy. The name of Paula Patton kid is Julian Fuego.

In 2017, the actress mentioned that her boy is she most valuable possession. In 2018, Paula and also Thicke rejoined for their son's basketball game in Malibu.


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What is Paula Patton net worth?

An American actress has actually a network worth the $9 million. Exactly how did she come to be so wealthy?

The movie industry is the primary source of her outstanding income. She got affiliated in exhilaration in 2005. Because then, she has actually starred in dozens the movies and TV shows.

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The perform of Paula Patton movies includes:

About last Night (2014)Baggage case (2013)Deja Vu (2006)Disconnect (2012)The Do-Over (2016)Four Kids and It (2020)2 weapons (2013)Hitch (2005)Idlewild (2006)Just light (2010)Jumping the Broom (2011)London (2005)Mirrors (2008)Mission: difficult – Ghost Protocol (2011)The Perfect match (2016)Precious (2009)Somewhere in between (2017)Swing vote (2008)Traffik (2018)Warcraft (2016)

Paula Patton was a small girl that lived across the street native the 20th Century Fox lot. She dreamt of coming to be a well known actress and also put on numerous plays in her private ago yard. She is among the brightest examples of how one's most wanted dream can come true many thanks to persistence and hard work.