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Who is Toni Braxton?


Toni Braxton, recognized for she deep, sultry, sensual voice, is an R&B musician, writer and pianist. She also identifies as an actress, TV celebrity and activist for autism. 

Early Accomplishments

As a young girl, she learnt to do singing at she church choir. 

She additionally sang with her sisters together The Braxtons through the 80s and were signed by Arista documents in 1989, releasing their an initial song, good Life in 1990.

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Best well-known For

Braxton has actually won an remarkable 7 Grammy awards for she songs specifically Unbreak My heart in 1996 and also for various other songs such together Breathe Again in 1993, he Wasn’t guy Enough and You’re make Me High, both in 1996 and also Spanish guitar in 2000.

On screen, she starred in 2001 film, Kingdom Come and also as a fact star and executive producer of Braxton family members Values due to the fact that 2011.

Sexual Orientation

Toni is straight and also is now involved to rapper and music executive, Bryan “Birdman” Williams ~ dating since 2016. 

She was formerly married come Keri Lewis since 2001 yet only divorce in 2013. 

A pair of other names ~ above the list of men she has dated include, Shemar Moore, Curtis Martin and Bryant Reid.


Born as the first of the 6 children of priest Michael Sr. And also ex opera singer Evelyn Braxton, she has actually Tamar, Traci, Trina and Towanda as her sisters with Michael Jr. Being her just brother and older than her 4 sisters. 

She is the mom of Denim, born in 2001 and autistic Diezel, born in 2003.


She was raised under strict Pentecostal parenting then later, became a less-strict Methodist family. Although, she seems less religious now, she is tho in touch with her Christian values.

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Worth to Know

She was discovered by wilhelm Pettaway who wanted to create her after ~ hearing her song while fueling her vehicle at a gas station.