If you’ve gained an old cake hot bathtub that is acquisition up space, you could be tempted to take a sledgehammer or a chainsaw come it. But cutting up a hot bath tub is a little more complicated than just destroying it and taking it out item by piece.

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Hot tubs can be cut up and also demolished through a Sawzall saw. Before the hot bathtub is disassembled, every electrical and also gas hookups have to be disconnected, the hot bathtub must it is in drained, and the warm tub’s skirt have to be detached. Safety equipment should be worn if demolishing the hot bath tub to avoid injury.

Cutting increase a hot bath tub seems favor a enormous chore, however it doesn’t need to be overwhelming if you take it it in steps and also keep the process organized. Keep reading to learn much more about how to demolish and remove a hot bath tub from your property.

Read your Hot bath tub Manual First

Before you also get into the process of cutting up the hot tub, you’ll have to pull the end the user manual that came v your hot bath tub and examine to see just how the internal materials of the device are set out. This will tell friend the adhering to things about the warm tub:

Where the electrical hookups areWhere the hot tub’s gas lines space (if gas-heated)Where the hot tub’s pump device is and also how the is connected

Knowing where all these electric connections and gas currently keeps girlfriend safe as soon as you’re in the procedure of demolishing the hot tub. Also though you’ll be cutting power and also gas to the hot bathtub before girlfriend do any kind of demolition, you need to avoid cutting blindly into the hot bathtub to store from damaging your tools or resulting in an accident.

Often a hot bath tub user hands-on will show you specifically how to rotate off the power to her hot bathtub and can normally give friend an idea that what come expect prior to you start cutting that up. If girlfriend don’t have actually the original user’s manual for your hot tub, connected specifications and also diagrams must be available online as soon as you situate the design number or brand top top the warm tub.

If you are having a tough time locating the hand-operated for your hot tub, examine out this digital perform of owner’s manuals with many different hot bathtub companies. Chances are, girlfriend should have the ability to find your hot tub’s manual here if girlfriend don’t have a physics copy.

Disconnect the Power

After reading up ~ above your warm tub’s layout, the following step in cut up a hot bath tub is come disconnect every the electric connections come the hot tub as well as any type of gas lines that might be connected. You’ll additionally need come disconnect the pump system and related machinery because these contents will have to be disassembled and also removed ~ the hot bathtub skirt is removed.

Making sure that the hot tub is completely shut off from any type of electrical connections is an essential for safety. Cutting right into the live wires that a hot bathtub can result in electrocution. Making sure that any gas lines room disconnected is likewise important. The tools supplied in demolition can spark a fire in an environment with leaking gas.

Drain the Hot bath tub Before Demolishing

Before the hot tub can be cut up, it must be drained of water. Here’s the procedure you should follow if due to the fact that you’ll must get all of the water out of your tub:

Make certain that the electric connections come the hot bathtub are turned off prior to you drain it. The electrical components of warm tubs room meant to be submerged and can overheat or short circuit when exposed come the open air.Be sure to drain the hot bathtub out ~ above asphalt or right into a gutter fairly than top top a lawn. Huge amounts the chlorinated water dumped on the lawn at when can reason damage to the grass and can likewise cause flooding.

Once the hot tub is drained, that is prepared to start disassembly. Also if you have a pool, you have the right to actually drainpipe the water into the pool.

Take apart the Hot tub Skirt

Before you start demolishing the fiberglass human body of the hot tub, you’ll must disassemble the hot bathtub skirt. This is the wooden square neighboring the hot tub that houses the mechanical components and also acts together a border to the warm tub.

To remove the hot tub skirt, go around and also unscrew the screws holding every of the dress panels in place. The user hand-operated of your hot bathtub can show you any type of screw locations that aren’t readily evident by visually inspecting the warm tub.

After the hot tub skirt has been disassembled, the mechanical materials of the hot tub, such together the pump, filter, lighting, and also heater, need to be available and can be removed. At this point, the just thing left that the hot bathtub should it is in the body.

With most hot bath tub designs, friend should have the ability to take apart the skirt that the hot bath tub without having to do any kind of demolition. Since they are commonly screwed together, they have the right to usually be broken down section by ar without too lot trouble.

Cutting increase the hot Tub

Breaking down the body of the hot tub is the many labor-intensive part of the demolition. Because most hot tub bodies are made that fiberglass, a reciprocating experienced or jigsaw is the ideal saw kind for cut up this part of the hot tub. You need the toughness of this form of experienced to get through the fiberglass. You’ll also need a deep experienced blade to be able to penetrate the body of the warm tub.

Cutting up the hot bathtub can be began from any type of end if the hot bath tub has to be drained and also powered down. Reduced up the hot bathtub by making use of a saw on short speed and also cutting it out a ar at a time. You’ll desire to save pieces little enough for this reason they can conveniently be placed aside or lugged to the road.

Cutting increase a hot bathtub involves kicking increase a most dust. This insulation and also fiberglass dust deserve to be irritating to the eyes, skin, and also lungs, so the adhering to safety gear is recommended for cutting up a warm tub:

Taking precautions while cut up a hot bathtub can avoid injuries, so nothing be afraid to equipment up to stop long-lasting damage. It’s advantageous to store a wheelbarrow or rojo cart adjacent to aid haul away pieces of fiberglass and also other debris.

Can You use a Chainsaw to cut Up warm Tubs?

Some people might introduce a chainsaw to reduced up a warm tub, yet a chainsaw isn’t a great choice of device for this job. The chainsaw blade will finish up getting chewed up.

Instead, you’ll desire to pick a reciprocating witnessed or a jigsaw to eliminate the hot bath tub body item by item by cutting it into manageable pieces and disposing of the piecemeal.

Cutting up a Hot tub Is Hard but Not Complicated

Even despite cutting increase a hot bath tub can be tedious and time-consuming work, this doesn’t typical that that complex. It’s just physically demanding and also requires some planning along with the right tools.

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If you refer to the user manual, make certain the hot bathtub is disconnected indigenous electricity, and wear the proper safety gear during demolition, also a DIY amateur can safely eliminate a hot tub from their yard.

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