In regards to exploration, GTA 5 is not a complex game – girlfriend go roughly town, shooting things (and NPCs) up, leading to explosions, stealing vehicles, and also causing mayhem. That is, unless you desire to play as a function model citizens (which we’re sure you don’t).

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Place it/throw it

Still, there space a couple of things the you must keep in mental here.

For one, the distance can make or break a sticky bomb explosion trigger. If the player is standing too close when you detonate the C4, your character will certainly take damages or and also up “Wasted.” ~ above the various other hand, if you room too much away from the put explosive device, the far won’t be able to activate the bomb.

You’ll also need to ready the bomb in your inventory. In other words, you’re walk to have to navigate come the inventory wheel and also make certain that an different weapon top top the very same slot isn’t selected.

How to Detonate difficult Bombs in GTA 5 on PC

The rule for sticky bomb detonation continues to be the same across GTA’s assorted platforms, yet C4 detonation needs different vital combinations from communication to platform. Here’s exactly how to select, place, and detonate difficult bombs in GTA 5 on her PC.

Open the inventory menu by pressing ‘’Tab’’
Use the computer mouse wheel role to uncover the C4 within the typeClose the tools wheelYour character need to be stop a sticky bomb
Once you’ve selected the location/direction in i m sorry you desire to litter the bomb, left-click while tho holding the right-clickTo detonate the sticky bomb (as long as you’re in ~ range), push ‘’G’’ on your keyboard
Close the weapons wheelAim

Sticky bombs have the right to be offered strategically in both GTA 5 and also GTA Online. For instance, girlfriend can produce a C4 ambush when the police room chasing friend by dispersing out sticky bombs all throughout an intersection. Then, once the cops arrive and also pile up, detonate the explosive devices and buy yourself part time for the escape.

Things deserve to get even more creative in GTA Online. Mess approximately with other players, unexpectedly detonate difficult bombs that you’ve placed on their cars, location C4 ~ above them and watch lock run, paris a C4-packed plane into an opponent crew – it’s unlimited fun.


For instance, vice versa, a regular-sized vehicle will either blow up (most likely) or be rendered permanently disabled after ~ a direct hit from an RPG, the RC Bandito can take a hit and also brush the dust off. The second hit will an outcome in long-term damage, however only after ~ a while. The the third hit that will destroy this small vehicle.

But the burning question right here is no how numerous C4s that will require to fight the RC Bandito. Bullets are a far better way to ruin it than sticky bombs. However, the RC Bandito deserve to be used as a self-destructive drone. Just connect two C4s on both sides, journey it towards your enemy, and also trigger the explosion. The good thing here is that your opponents probably won’t have sufficient time to destroy it prior to it will them.

Alternatively, RC Bandito have the right to be fitted with proximity mines (customization). The Kinetic proximity mine alternative will send the adjacent players, vehicles, and NPCs right into the air. This doesn’t deal enough damage to hurt your enemies, however it have the right to certainly reason confusion. The EMP proximity mine kind will immediately disable a vehicle when the RC Bandito passes over it.

Unfortunately, return the RC Bandito was initially planned because that GTA 5, the was reduced out during the development. GTA virtual players, however, have the right to enjoy this excellent RC vehicle.

Additional FAQs

1. What button do you usage to detonate sticky bombs?

When placed, difficult bombs need to be detonated. The switch used for detonation isn’t obvious in numerous GTA 5 control schemes found online. For pc devices, this button is G. Because that PS3/PS4/Xbox360/Xbox One devices, that Left ~ above the D-Pad.

2. Just how do you unlock difficult bombs in GTA 5?

At the start of the GTA 5 main storyline, you nothing get access to difficult bombs immediately. Sticky bombs are unlocked only after you happen the mission “Friends Reunited,” when Trevor sets off for Los Santos. In GTA Online, sticky bombs space unlocked in ~ Rank 19.

3. How to disable a difficult bomb in GTA 5?

Unfortunately, GTA 5 doesn’t market an alternative for removing difficult bombs. If you’ve stuck one to a vehicle that friend don’t desire destroyed, take it come a body shop and have the redone. This need to remove the sticky bomb. However, there is a trick (more of a glitch) in GTA digital that will aid you eliminate the C4 the you’ve planted. Stand near the sticky bomb (or any kind of other planted explosive device). Walk to the character select screen. Pick a storyline character. Cancel the switch. The explosive have to disappear.

Sticky Bombs in GTA 5

As you can see, sticky bombs are an very useful enhancement to a player’s arsenal in GTA 5 and GTA Online. They have the right to be supplied tactically, with the goal of maximizing the gaming funny or for creating a self-destructive remote weapon that devastation.

Have you regulated to place and detonate your sticky bombs the way you plan to? us hope the we’ve aided you get behind the core principle of these helpful explosive weapons. If friend have any questions or extr tips regarding sticky bombs, feel free to struggle the comments below and also start a discussion.


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