Various types of square feet drillingAll the tools you will require to obtain this rightPros and also Cons of every methodAnd so much more!

What you should know about how come drill a hole in wood?

Drilling a square hole, especially in soft material such together wood, can be done rather easily. Traditionally there are countless ways to do this but ideally these three ways have the right to be grouped right into 3 key methods. Namely:

Physically submit (Cheapest yet most job intensive)Using a jigsaw blade (Middle the the roadway in terms of price, time and also labor)

Basic principles of drilling square feet in wood

What I desire you come note, is that no matter which method you use above, all square holes virtually start off together round holes.

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The mortise drill bit basically is composed of an auger i beg your pardon is connected to a 4 sided square chisel. The auger drills a ring hole. The chisel creates the square.

This combination is very common for woodworking professionals and also hobbyists and is the most efficient method of drilling a square feet in wood especially for furniture makers.


Circular holes deserve to be produced using stock standard high speed steel drill bits or their equivalent.

What I have actually noticed is as soon as planning her square hole – your circular drill little bit is there to identify the diameter that you want.

So select the one drill bit for the diameter of your specific application before commencing with developing the square holes.

Let’s look at the various techniques of drilling.

I have documented every one of the methods above for her convenience. But choose the one the works ideal for your time and also budget.

Equipment You’ll need to learn exactly how to drill a square hole in wood

For Physically submit the square hole, you will certainly need:

Straight edge and scribe (Basically ruler and marker)Circular drill bitVice and also drill press3 square file

Using a Jigsaw Blade

A jigsawA straight edge and scribeSanding stone and sanding paperHammerChiselDrill Bit

Using a mortise chisel with a drill press

Mortise chiselAuger drill bitBench pressVice

It is necessary to additional note the for all such woodworking projects, safety is a substantial factor. So please make sure you have actually all the essential protective equipment such as glasses, gloves etc.

How to Drill a square feet in timber (4-Step Guides)

Physically filing Square Hole

Step 1: Prepare workstation

Make sure that the area you are going to occupational is clear and also clean. This is due to the fact that as we room drilling there is walk to it is in a most wood chips that will certainly be developed as debris.

An unorganized workspace additionally increases the opportunity of injuries.

Step 2: Drill round hole in wood stock

Place your item of timber in a evil on your mechanical workstation.

Make sure you fasten the vice together tightly as possible. What I have seen is the If the hardwood gets loose, the hole will certainly not be aligned together intended.

Step 3: note out the square

Remove the wooden item from the vice, currently take your right edge and also marker and also create a square as presented in the picture below.


The crucial here is come ensure that your lines intersect the perimeter that the circle and also that the angle of contact between the present is 90°.

Step 4: Physically record the square

In mine experience, using a right edged paper makes this process extremely difficult. What you will desire is to use a 3 edged file.

This renders the entire procedure easier since it will provide you more leverage top top the corners.

Most people additionally make the mistake of using a 4 edged filler because they associate 4 edges with a square.

Using a jigsaw blade

Step 1: note out the dimensions

First off use your pen, pencil or mite to note of the dimensions on your wooden sheet or board.

Step 2: Drill feet at the corners

Once you have significant off the dimensions correctly, you must use a tiny drill and also create circular feet at every of the 4 corners of the square.

This is key, as it will certainly make utilizing the jigsaw much easier.

Step 3: reduced using the jigsaw

Take the jigsaw and move that to one of the corners.

Create an incision with the blade whilst gradually increasing the speed.

Once your jigsaw is through the blade’s edges proceed to monitor the marked lines that you created in action 1. Till you have produced a square hole in the wood.

Step 4: Sand the edges

Use her sand stone and sanding record to remove any kind of splitters or timber flake debris from the edge of the board. Making sure that the surface stays smoothed out.

One thing I have found is that this technique works fine if the square hole you are developing is bigger than 4 x 4 inches.

When you go for a smaller square, what tends to occur is the the edges become really roughed out since of the large saw knives on the jigsaw.

You can really easily rectify this through sanding the end the edges making use of a 3 sided hardwood filler.

So that is not a large issue, the is something just to think about if you desire to go v this method.

My advice is avoid the 4 edged filler for this application, simply because it is very cumbersome and also does not administer as clean a complete as the 3 edged.

Using a mortise chisel, auger and also drill press


Step2: position wooden piece in the vice

Place the piece of wood, within the vice and fasten the vice tightly as photo above.

Ensure the angry is tightened as lot as possible as since the moment you turn on the drill push the vibrations indigenous the drilling will move the wooden item if no tightly fastened.

Step3: mark out the dimensions of the square hole

Use her marker and a straight edge/ruler to create the dimensions of the square hole.

A key note right here is the this technique is proactively used when creating square or rectangular holes of various shapes and sizes.

Especially for wooden furniture.

Therefore - it is a lot much more flexible both in terms of the thickness of wood you have the right to use and also the shapes and you can create, 보다 the previous 2 methods.

Step4: usage the drill push to produce Square hole

What I generally do, is develop a little punch hole before pulling under the crank at complete speed.

The purpose of this tiny hole through the drill push is to aid with the friction and also traction. I have actually seen the creates an ext accurate square holes v a lot much less splinter and wooden debris.

The an essential here is to pull under the crank, in a regulated manner – making certain the hole come out through a great square shape.

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Pros and also Cons of the various methods

The table listed below provides a an introduction of the crucial pros and cons of every the approaches on how to drill together square hole in wood.