Today we space going to show you just how to improve your team at AFK Arena choose a pro. Levelear team in this location is no so complicated, the daunting thing is to carry out it well, bring about long-term advantages. In this post we will certainly not just tell you just how to enhance the equipment in the most correct means , we will likewise count standard beginner mistakes that you should avoid at all costs.

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We know that numerous players have difficulties in defining a strategy when it comes to improving your team. Worse yet, we recognize of countless who don’t even have a strategy in mind. If you make a mistake improving your team you will lose numerous coins in the process , thus you will likewise waste your effort and your play time.

One that the most repeated failures is the of the players improving tools that in the fury will certainly be fully unnecessary in the game. This type of habits will do you spend nearly twice as numerous coins during your entire existence within the AFK universe.

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In this overview we will show you a true strategy that you deserve to follow once it comes to obtaining and improving the devices of her heroes. The doesn’t issue what level friend have, yet it is much much better if you read this short article when you space still a novice. We will present you the ideal maneuvers from the an initial to the last stages the AFK.

Strategies to enhance the team:

In summary, the way to improve equipment within AFK is by feeding articles. In other words, you should use various items or chips to boost the existing team.

Each upgrade you do will cost a certain amount of coins, which will certainly increase. This is why the is so essential to have a characterized strategy indigenous the beginning.


follow this tactic to save you trouble, time and also especially gold. We divide our guide by encounters of the game.

Remember, what we will be teaching you is a general strategy, you can then it is adapted it to your certain game.

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The an excellent thing is that we will offer you effective foundations for any style that play, we will certainly not call you how to play, we will teach you exactly how to execute it better.

The early on game (Chapters before 16):

The most vital thing in this phase is host the temptation! As much as the video game seduces you to spend your coins and your team better not do it Resists gamer!

During this phase of the game you will not get any type of kind that mythical equipment and also any development you use will be completely useless later, the is why you must avoid upgrades at every costs.

Don’t worry, every those materials will be offered later, save the coins and also equipment to feeding something cool in the future. It will be precious it!


Also, with the devices you discover during this stage, it will be enough to survive and advance. Base your success ~ above a good game strategy and hero mix rather of improving your team prefer crazy.

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If you are having trouble moving forward v your existing team, it is usual for this come happen, get brand-new gear in “Guild Hunting” mode.

Intermediate video game (Chapters after 17):

At this phase it gets good. For these chapters girlfriend will begin to achieve mythical devices (Red) in your rewards native the arena and of course likewise from the Guild Store. psychic to do Guil Hunt generally to rise your possibilities of getting brand-new mythical gear.

From currently on you can give yourself the satisfaction of enhancing the equipment you desire to dress her favorite hero in red from head come toe. From currently on the mythical team have the right to be upgraded come T1 and also then come T2, there are no greater upgrades so you can level up whatever you require without regretting the later.

The benefit is that currently you have actually much an ext resources and much more gold 보다 you would have if friend had devoted yourself to improving every little thing from the very first chapters.

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Follow these tips throughout the stage:

Don’t spend diamonds ~ above equipment:


never pay because that diamonds to buy or update equipment, even if that devices is legendary. The therapy you will get for your diamonds is really miserable, it will be prefer making the worst purchase of your life.

Never buy devices that is no mythical:


Just prefer we told girlfriend in the beginning about improving equipment, the rule likewise applies come buy any type of instrument listed below the mythical level. Such actions are a irreversible waste of money in ~ the AFK Arena.

Resist the temptation!

Never much better team without faction:


Upgrading devices is expensive, when you get enough requirements to make upgrades come T1 and T2 you will realize that faction equipment will have 30% upgrades.

that is no worth upgrading to any kind of non-mythical team or any kind of team the does not have a identified faction.

Advanced game:

We think about you to be in an advanced game stage when you have actually the stones to breakthrough your Mythical team come T1 and also T2.

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As a very first general tip, make certain you know which heroes you will be making use of in the future, upgrading come T2 is really a colossal gameplay initiative to waste on the team v the wrong faction.


which team to boost first?

There is a specific order that what have to be bought and improved first and what not.

We location all the objects below in bespeak of importance, constantly improves as follows:


What is the logic? If girlfriend have more speed you have the right to attack more often, that’s why the boots go first.

Once you space attacking, the most vital thing is the sword, yet if you attack fewer times, it will certainly be worth having actually the most an effective weapon.

Finally you have the right to improve the defensive component of your hero through the helmet and also armor. In specific we choose to improve helmets first.

Improving indigenous mythical come T1:

As we mentioned before, NEVER apply a T1 enhancement to any kind of item the does not have actually a faction. Make certain to boost the equipment that when merged will generate an extra 30% boost. any other usage of the T1 will be a waste.

If you have agility and also strength equipment upgrade boots first, climate weapon.

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If you have an intelligence team upgrade your weapon first, intelligence items don’t give speed.

Upgrading come T2:

With these enhancements you nothing get any type of speed, precision or dodging ability. Because that this reason, us recommend that you constantly start improving your weapon once you have to advancement to T2.

You already have the basics to development smoothly and also with many wins at AFK Arena. Currently that you understand just how to boost the team What other tricks do girlfriend want united state to call you? We have saved a couple of tip for an additional article. mental to register on our web page so friend don’t miss them.