Many times civilization e-mail me (usually from across the country) come ask me whereby their septic tank is located.

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I normally respond with a helpful, “I have actually no idea.” Secretly, I desire to to speak something like, “It’s just off her driveway near that bushy thing.”

But seriously, septic tanks are hard to find, also for the experts. The complying with are some tricks you deserve to use to help you discover your tank. After analysis the following, you will surely be saying, “How clever these world at Meade Septic design are!”

The reality is the these aren’t proprietary, nor original techniques but simply market proven approaches to find your tank. Before you obtain started, a little bit of caution: an old septic tank and also drywell lids deserve to collapse and also take you because that an unexpected loss or probably worse, swim! So, it is in careful!!

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Enjoy and please call me if you have actually questions.


, Measuring Tape, Shovel (if you are ambitious) Metal Detector (Borrow or rental one – Tanks usually have actually iron steel rebar in the lids) and also aHoagie Sandwich (finding septic tanks provides you hungry…trust me ~ above this one). Come begin, ask you yourself – “Where does the sewer departure the house?” If you have an unfinished basement you are in luck! walk downstairs and also look and see where all the pipes come together and go the end the basement wall. Many times your tank will certainly be 10′ – 20′ outside of your house directly in front of this pipe! If friend don’t have actually a basement, walk outside and also look for your roof vent. This is a pipe the pokes up the end of your roof to vent sewer gases outside. Usually, the sewer pipe to the septic tank will leave the house directly below this vent. Through some luck you will be able to find your septic tank directly from this point. Occasionally the old adage, “The grass is always greener over the septic tank,” is correct. Yes, a green rectangle in your yard may indicate your tank’s location (perhaps friend should have figured that the end yourself.). You can probe or destruction for your tank and with luck friend will uncover it. Be mindful – whatever that seems to it is in a septic tank might not be! You may have discovered one the the following instead: 

Old structure Buried rubble (not come be perplexed with Barney Ruble) tomb Vault (if you occur to live in a cemetery…creepy)

After you have actually unsuccessfully dug roughly your yard for a couple of hours it will be time to eat her hoagie and also take a nap. Following it will be time to walk rent or lend a steel detector. If your neighbor collects Star Wars activity figures or has an ext than 3 unidentifiable antennas on his roof, there is a great chance the he has a metal detector you deserve to borrow. Hopefully the metal detector will actually help you find your septic tank and also not simply a bunch of old buried vehicle parts. 

Some septic pumpers have special talent (magical ability if you will) to discover tanks. According to folklore, a neighborhood pumper called “Zarzar The Incredible” can find septic tanks by using a 30’ steel measuring tape. Reportedly, Zarzar rod his tape under your toilet and feels for turns in the pipe. He proceeds to push his ice cream farther and farther down your pipes with your commode (“commode” sound sophisticated) until he “feels” her septic tank. He climate makes note of the distance reading on the tape, considers the turns he encountered, works v some advanced algebra and declares the specific location of her tank.

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I recently purchased locate equipment that deserve to be provided to discover septic tanks. I would certainly flush an digital transmitter down your restroom (or fall it right into a cleanout located exterior your home) and also then track through with my receiver. Contact me to find out much more 574-533-1470.

Some septic pumpers even have a special type of video clip camera that deserve to be sent out down your drain. You can then have actually a video clip made that the inside of your drain pipes! This might not be advantageous in locating your tank, however the video clip will surely lug you hrs of quality family T.V. Viewing.Related:  Visit ours Septic System care Page