One that the ideal ways to do money in far Cry 5 is to hunt. While hunting may not seem like a tough thing come do, there room some really important intricacies come take right into account when you set out come hunt the larger animals in much Cry 5. If you can blast your means through animals, you’ll quickly find yourself shedding money together you rubbish ammunition just to receive subpar prices for the skin that you take it from the animals you kill. This is wherein bait comes into play and also knowing how to obtain bait in far Cry 5 will certainly be critical piece of expertise for you together you proceed your journey v Hope County.

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How to obtain Bait in much Cry 5

The circle of life is an essential factor to take right into account in far Cry 5, specifically when friend think about hunting. If you’re trying to find bigger animals like bears and also wolves, then you’ll want to look into bait in stimulate to attract them into traps, permitting you to easily take lock out, do the skins worth more. There space a few different animals that will certainly reward you with bait when you death them, and also you’ll want to keep an eye the end for pets like chickens, pigs, turkeys, deer, and also other smaller animals.


Take out these smaller animals and then loot them to get bait for your hunting in much Cry 5. That course, you can only hold so much bait, so make certain you stock up and then go hunting for a bit prior to you try to collect part more.

How to efficiently Use Bait

Like molotovs and other throwable items, Bait is taken into consideration a weapon in much Cry 5. This means you’ll find it on your weapon wheel, in the third second throwable slot with your knives and smoke grenades. Pick the Bait in your weapon wheel come equip it, and then head come an area well-known for the pet that you’re hunting at the time.


Once you are at the area the the pets can be discovered in, toss the bait right into an area and also then wait. If there aren’t any pets around because that the bait come attract, then you’ll obtain a message on the screen. If girlfriend don’t obtain this message, then continue waiting in hiding until the biology you are hunting comes walking right into view. Then, wait because that it to begin eating, and also move in for the strike. This is a an excellent way to lure larger animals like the bears and wolves in the game, and makes it much easier to take it them out making use of your bow, which will certainly make the skin worth much more when you sell them in ~ the sellers scattered approximately Hope County.

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For more help in hope County, make sure you inspect out our much Cry 5 guide and also be sure to head over to our much Cry 5 advice for an ext useful information about the game and also its different systems.