Here us go again. Ns posted this once prior to but it, somehow, gained lost forever, definition I had actually to re-update the guide again by hand. I hope every this was worth it.

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Updates: I've updated mine original guide to incorporate Nidoking and also Nidoqueen and the level Pokemon evolve at and some brand-new items ect. As well as making it simpler to read.

The Fandom Wikia because that the original Roblox video game was used for most of this, however it's not 100% reliable, together a few things haven't been applied yet, so your best bet is to monitor my guide.


Important items:

This list will consist of points like advancement stones, exp an enhancing items, and also other things similar. The game right now only go up till the first gym, and also as such it has no advancement stones yet...except 1.. Fine technically 2 yet only 1 form of stone is needed. Together for exp an enhancing items, over there is one, the Exp. Share, (with gen 6 functions), but it deserve to only be derived directly ~ beating the very first gym and also leaving the building. The stings. There's two noteworthy Pokeballs, as continual ones have the right to be bought at the Pokemart v money obtained from rebattling trainers, however one of lock is much harder come get and also less important then the other. Together for TMs, i won't list them here, yet scouring every brand-new area must reveal them semi-easily, other than for one, i m sorry is detailed below. For common items, just make certain to speak to every NPC and scour every brick of each map. The takes a tiny time, yet there's some cool items you deserve to get, favor the exclude, Sawbucks Coffee the raises your Pokemon's rate every couple of turns.

Moon Stone: This is one of the hardest to acquire items the you need. In bespeak to gain it you require a Pokemon through the pickup capacity that is at least level 11. I recommend having actually at least 5 level 11+ pickup Pokemon in her team in ~ once,(Bunnelby/Zigzagoon and their evolutions) with two the them being level 21, due to the fact that that rises your chance from 3% to 5%. The level 21s should be Diggersby and Linoone due to the fact that by the time you have them they're only one level away. Also, with level 21+ Pokemon you have actually a chance of gaining a rarely Candy, i m sorry is extremely useful for things like Pidgeot and Talonflame. Here's a page with more info on the Pickup ability. Https://

Quick Ball: among the remarkable Pokeballs is a quick Ball, which won't be able to be to buy for quite some time. It's found near the departure of path 3, right before the city with the very first gym.

Great Ball: These deserve to be obtained with the capacity Pickup, however aren't really worth farming for and also are just cool bonuses you occasionally get.

Power-Up beat TM: This is technically not supposed to be derived without cut, therefore if you want to execute a bug-free play, ignore this, however with the assist of a glitch friend can get it by walking increase a specific tile in Mitis Town. I developed a video clip on this topic a while back, for this reason feel cost-free to use it. Https://

Important trainers:

In this game there are a few trainers you can rebattle for basic exp/money.

Rookie Adam: The best one by much for exp is this guy, who has two level 7 Poochyena that give 66 base exp each. He likewise awards friend $168, i m sorry is nearly the price the a Pokeball. In order to rebattle him, leaving the area after an initial battling, come back, and then you deserve to continuously speak to and also battle him until you run out of PP or black out. There's a Pokemon Center reasonably close in both Chesma Town and Silvent City, for this reason it's no really a problem.


This list the Pokemon obtainable in certain locations, i m sorry are always the best places to discover them in regards to level. (Also, I'm only discussing the precise % possibilities that the wiki does. Sorry ns don't have them for every Pokemon.)

Mitis Town:

The beginning town. Together usual, you deserve to only gain your starter here. Well, until fishing is added, in which girlfriend will be able to fish for Magikarp and Gyarados in the water.

Starter: The starters in this game currently go as much as gen 6, however it's to plan in the following update to encompass gen 7 as well. Your ideal bet is of course something that evolves into it's second stage sooner climate anything else to chop off a couple hours.

Totodile: Totodile is certainly the ideal option, as it evolves right into Feraligatr at level 30, i m sorry is two levels sooner than the 2nd best. (When an initial obtained, starter is in ~ level 5). Totodile Lv18 -> Croconaw Lv30 -> Feraligatr.

Route 1:

This route's level vary from 2-4. Most places with the very same Pokemon are far better choices, since they'll be greater level. However, there are a pair Pokemon exclude, to route 1, like..

Bunnelby: Bunnelby isn't lot of a challenge, it's uncovered uncommonly top top this route, yet this is additionally the only route it's discovered on, for this reason make sure to discover a level 4 one because that the many efficiency, though elevating it a level or 2 so early on isn't tough at all. It's likewise one of the Pokemon which can have the pickup ability, which is required for moon stones. Bunnelby Lv20 -> Diggersby.

Sentret: Sentret has actually a 5% possibility of appearing during the day, i beg your pardon is from about 6 am to 6 PM. The moment in this game is based off your computer clock, therefore if you want to have actually a chance of being able to uncover Sentret, manually change your pc clock come 12:00 PM. Through a percent therefore low, finding a particular level one is a small tricky, and frankly not worth it. Sentret Lv15 -> Furret.

That's every for route 1. All various other Pokemon found there can be uncovered at higher levels in other areas.

Chesma Town:

Chesma Town has actually no obtainable Pokemon, however does lead right into two locations that do, course 2 and Gale Forest. I'll be extending Gale forest first, yet feel cost-free to pick either path.

Gale Forest:

Levels 3-6. Every Pokemon inside Gale woodland is exclusive to it, therefore I'll be briefly mentioning every one of them.

Caterpie/Weedle: Caterpie/Weedle deserve to be discovered uncommonly during any kind of time the the day. Caterpie Lv7 -> Metapod Lv10 -> Butterfree. Weedle Lv7 -> Kakuna Lv10 ->Beedrill.

Nidoran male/female. Both can be discovered uncommonly during any time the the day. The only method to get moon stones is through the pickup ability, and also you need two of them. (See "Moon Stone" in necessary items for an ext information) NidoranM Lv16 -> Nidorino (Moon Stone) -> Nidoking. NidoranF Lv16 -> Nidorina (Moon Stone) -> Nidoqueen.

Metapod/Kakuna: these Pokemon have the right to be uncovered rarely at any time that the day. If you setup on catching these and also evolving them, make certain to catch a Caterpie/Weedle as well. Metapod Lv10 -> Butterfree. Kakuna Lv10-> Beedrill.

Wurmple: This Pokemon could likewise be found in route 1, but it deserve to be uncovered two levels greater here, making that the ideal place to discover it. It's found rarely at any kind of time of the day. Psychic to catch at least two in order to obtain both evolutions. Wurmple Lv7 -> Silcoon/Cascoon Lv10 -> Beautifly/Dustox.

Pikachu: This one takes a tiny while. It has actually a 3% opportunity of spawning at any time the the day. Remember, there are no thunder stones yet, therefore evolving Pikachu is not yet possible. Additionally be sure to snag a woman one for breeding later on.

And that's it for Gale forest. Currently to route 2.

Route 2:

Levels 4-7. Path 2 features no exclude, Pokemon, yet it does have Pokemon from route 1 at higher levels.

Zigzagoon: Zigzagoon have the right to be found generally at any type of time. Note that this Pokemon deserve to have the capacity Pickup, i beg your pardon is needed for moon stones and also rare candies. Zigzagoon Lv20 -> Linoone.

Pidgey: Pidgey can be found uncommonly at any type of time that the day. This is the most monstrous nightmare there is in most likely the entirety challenge. Pidgey Lv18 -> Pideotto Lv36 -> Pidgeot.

Fletchling: Fletchling can likewise be discovered uncommonly at any kind of time of the day. It's the second most monstrous nightmare. There's about 3 tied because that third, i beg your pardon evolve in ~ level 30. Fletchling Lv17 -> Fletchinder Lv35 -> Talonflame.

That's it for route 2. Route 3 has actually a tiny more.

Route 3:

Levels 4-8. Course 3 has a couple of tricky Pokemon to catch, like Abra and also Pachirisu. Keep in mind that this is whereby the magnetic field is, however you won't be able to make use of the for part time.

Mareep: Mareep deserve to be found generally at any kind of time that the day. Mareep Lv15 -> Flaaffy Lv30 -> Ampharos.

Shinx: Shinx can also be found commonly at any kind of time that the day. Shinx Lv15 -> Luxio Lv30 -> Luxray.

Electrike: Electrike can be discovered uncommonly at every times. Electrike Lv26 -> Manectric.

Poochyena: Poochyena can be found uncommonly at all times. Poochyena Lv18 -> Mightyena.

Nincada: Nincada deserve to be uncovered rarely at any kind of time the the day. When training it, make sure to have an north party slot and also a spare consistent Pokeball in her bag, otherwise you can end up having actually to train it double in bespeak to get Shedninja. Nincada Lv20 -> Ninjask + Shedninja (empty point out in party, continual Pokeball in bag).

Abra: Abra has actually a 9.6% possibility of appearing at every times. This is both tricky to find, and to catch. The best way to record it is with the fast ball, but at the exact same time you might want to host onto that in situation of a wild glowing appearing. It's her choice. If girlfriend can, shot to placed it to sleep through Butterfree's sleep powder, and also then throw Pokeballs in ~ it choose mad. Also, trade isn't easily accessible at this point, so just evolve it to Kadabra. Abra Lv16 -> Kadabra.

Pachirisu: Pachirisu has a 3.8% possibility of showing up during any kind of time the the day. There's not much to say around this one except to simply keep encountering stuff until you find one.

That's every for route 3. Now for the last location.

Silvent city:

Silvent city is home of the very first gym, however it likewise has two various Pokemon for you come get. Note: carry out not open up the computer system in the Pokemon center until you review these.

Eevee: In one of the homes of Silvent city one NPC will give you a totally free level 10 Eevee. It's ideal to save prior to talking to them, as you'll want to soft reset till you get a woman one for reproduction later on. Just one evolution technique is obtainable for Eevee before the an initial gym, which is happiness. For this reason you have actually a choice between Espeon or Umbreon, it doesn't yes, really matter. Change your clock to 12 PM because that Espeon, or 12 AM for Umbreon, or if girlfriend don't treatment which one you gain don't even bother transforming your clock. There isn't noþeles to rise your joy or even examine it until the second gym, so just keep walking, or, if girlfriend really desire to, leveling up the Eevee till it evolves. Keep in mind that leveling it increase to obtain happiness *is* faster, but it additionally decreases the lot of exp that will obtain later and also make it need more. My recommendation is to only level that up once you think you've walked sufficient in order come evolve it. If the doesn't evolve, save walking and try again. Eevee (Happiness) -> Espeon/Umbreon.

Porygon: Porygon is uncovered in the Pokecenter at level 5. This is why i didn't want you to open up the PC. Because once girlfriend do, there will certainly be an option that replaces everything else that's a mix the letters and also symbols. Save prior to you select this, and then simply keep make the efforts again until you record it. You can't evolve it because you can't profession in this challenge.

You may have actually noticed a design template here. The game is quite incomplete. Various other Essentials fangames room much an ext finished, but I have a special connection to this one and also wanted to do a guide for it.

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And that's every Pokemon and also the end of my guide. The 2nd gym, in addition to trading and also PvP battling, will be included soon, although that doesn't impact this challenge. Please leave a answer to permit me know if i missed anything, should include anything, or if you're having actually trouble installation the program. Or pretty lot anything else relating to this. This is my very first post ~ above this, (Edit: future me. Due to the fact that this is an updated version, it's in reality my 3rd post here), so i hope at the very least 1 human being read this and also wants to shot it out. Also, this is my first guide prefer this, therefore I most likely made a the majority of mistakes.. Feel complimentary to assist me out through that in the replies. Many thanks for analysis this extremely long post.