You might wanna ask just how the heck did we get this much keys in CSR racing 2. It’s in reality pretty simple. By playing, and also most importantly, vital management. No, us didn’t hack the game. Yes we execute 2 sets of live races per day ~ above a continual basis and ALL cups + daily races. Likewise special occasions like make in America just now. No we didn’t acquisition for individual keys except for the 35 Gold keys + 1100 Bronze keys offers for choose 4 bucks a lengthy time ago. ou can find a general guide come CSR gyeongju 2 with an ext tunning and also other advice in this post or our ultimate overview for 2018 here.

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We will not judge how you racers spend your keys, however we will certainly tell you how to share up keys and also to usage them at the best time in stimulate to prevent your mam filing a divorce ~ above you reason your IAP exceeds your home mortgage.

CSR gyeongju 2 – crucial Management Guide

Firstly, let united state tell girlfriend the characteristics of each type of key:

Bronze Keys – expendable, acquiring 5000+ a season is possible if you play diligent enough.Silver Keys – rather expendable, you have the right to get about 600 per season, i beg your pardon is enough for 12 silver pulls. It’s encourage to not use any kind of outside call events.Gold Keys – exceptionally rare and hard to get, you have the right to only obtain like 10 per month if you’re an mean joe in an typical milestone crew. Don’t invest it EVER outside that events.

Next, let us tell friend the traits of each crate:

Bronze Crates (100 generally or 350/400/500/700 Bronze secrets per pull, relying on the event) – ALWAYS A GAMBLE. Also the “loyalty” rewards can give you duplicate stage 6s or any other crap you don’t need and probably never ever will.Silver Crates (50 Silver tricks per pull, or 75 because that manufacturer-specific crates) – NOT A GAMBLE if and only if you have the right to save because that 15 pulls throughout PRESTIGE EVENTS, because that the loyalty. Reduced than that and it’s a gamble, perform at your own risk. Manufacturer-specific crates space not precious it and should it is in avoided like plague.Gold Crates (10 Gold keys per pull) – NOT A GAMBLE if and also only if you can save because that 10 pulls during GOLD CUP occasions or other similar. Reduced than that and also it’s a devastating gamble wherein you have actually a hell lot to lose yet an extreeemely small possibility of obtaining something not half-bad. Again, don’t ever before open yellow crates outside events to test her luck or some other bullshit. You have Silver Crates because that that and even then us still wouldn’t introduce it. Your luck is crap, just like mine and other bobs. If you gain a Craptor or C63 the end of yellow crates testing your luck, friend kinda, uh, deserved it..


Now because that the big thing: Key Management! When have to I use my secrets then? Allright, here’s when and also why:

Bronze Keys – usage it only when “gunning down” because that a particular event. Because that example, we desire to victory the Cuda Torc Evo Cup, us personally spent 14700 Bronze keys for 21 pulls and also got parts and fusions we must win that 10 Gold keys at the end and other rewards, we most likely will skip the following Gold or Evo Cup to permit my Bronze secrets stock to recoup again. So did you obtain the suggest of “gunning down” certain events? Also, we won’t recommend you blasting off all your Bronze secrets reserve if you have actually less than, like, 30k bronze Keys. Reason you’ll probably finish up utilizing all that and also STILL can’t complete the event. Which sucks.Silver Keys – less complicated than Bronze secrets actually, just use it throughout prestige pulls. It’s the only time where pulling silver Crates is justifiable IF friend have more than 750 in ~ hand. Maybe also for experimentation your luck every now and also then.. Wait.. No, nevermind.. Likewise if you victory the prestige vehicle before 15 pulls, STOP PULLING! and save your keys for the next prestige car.Gold Keys – NEVER ever before FOREVER use IT exterior EVENTS! Also during events, save for 10 pulls, which way 100 keys. You have the right to do this by resisting the temptation to pull the crates, and “gunning down” a car. Because that example, you want a LaFerrari or a Regera favor we do, save 100 yellow Keys and don’t use them until the occasion (hopefully) reflects up. If you success the auto before 10 pulls, save your keys and don’t usage it to aim because that loyalty. It’s a disastrous waste of gold Keys. Then, after blowing that magnificent load, conserve for 10 traction again. Just. Don’t. Use. It. Outside. Events. Please, the only thing you’ll it is in pulling is her hair. And a Civic. Or other T2-T3 bullshit.

As redditor u/JLOBRO said, the video game plays exactly the same whether you spend 1000$ or nothing in ~ all, you can buy keys to do your drag life a little bit easier but you’ll still be beaten by those cunning HS customs Camaros (actually we’d recommend obtaining that 35 Gold secrets deal since that’s the only amazing transaction you’ll ever get).

That’s it, folks. Thanks for analysis this very long, hard, and also full the jazz guide! hopefully you’ll acquire all them automobile of her dreams! till next time..


No such thing, read the entire article please, due to the fact that we see a most beginners and even seasoned racers in CSR racing 2 making the very same mistake over and over again pulling keys at the wrong place, dorn time..

You can quickly get all the 750 tricks each season. Regulate your time and do 3 set of live gyeongju every day. Start the very first set automatically when you wake up – you need to have great bot searching cars for the – and do every daily battle you can. Doing 3 set of live a job – instead of 2 – provides you 140 extra silver secrets a season, and in 2 weeks, girlfriend will absolutely gather 10 more in daily battles.

Also, once you pull the call car, and also the car is not worth building to the max, stop pulling. Because that example, we have a BMW following season – you deserve to buy and also strip 235s and also M4s, so acquiring multiple computers is worthless.

Keep in mind, you have until the finish of the season to finish the PC. That offers you multiple complimentary parts crates. Also, the day after the cup hits, girlfriend can acquire the phase 6 part from the crew cup. The mistake human being make is rushing to end up the computer in CSR gyeongju 2.

Thanks come user ‘Brizcanon‘ for help creating this guide.

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