The Fishing Shack is a distinct Garrison building that enables you tofish in her Garrison and eventually recruit Nat Pagle as a follower.He sells a number of rewards, consisting of the sought-after Reins the the Crimson Water Strider mount and Land Shark fight pet.

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Level expense Perks
Level 1 complimentary Instant Allows small Draenor fish come be recorded in garrison waters and also provides accessibility to everyday Fishing quests.
Level 2 300x 50x 1 hour Allows medium Draenor fish to be caught in garrison waters.
Level 3 500x 100x 1 hour Allows massive Draenor fish come be captured in garrison waters. Alsogrants girlfriend a possibility to catch a distinctive fish that deserve to be supplied to lure mysterious creatures ~ above the shore.

To update the Fishing Shack come Level 2, to buy the

Garrison Blueprint: Fishing Shack, Level 2 fromSparz Boltwist (Alliance) or Rezlak(Horde). Both NPCs are situated next to the ArchitectTable in your Garrison"s town Hall. The blueprintcosts 1,000 .

Garrison Blueprint: Fishing Shack, Level 3 is a reward fromcompleting the

Draenor Angler meta-achievement. This achievementis earn by completing:
Sea Scorpion Angler, Fat Sleeper Angler, Blackwater Whiptail Angler, Fire Ammonite Angler, Jawless Skulker Angler, blind Lake Sturgeon Angler, and Abyssal Gulper Eel Angler.

To finish these achievements, you require to record enormousfish in the waters (or fire pools for substantial Fire Ammonite)of various Draenic zones. There space a couple of things that space worthmentioning to make the grind easier.

You require a Fishing ability of 650 come start recording Enormous fish,and the higher your ability the more likely you room to catch only Enormousfish (instead of the consistent size). So, something that deserve to increase yourFishing ability helps. We uncovered the adhering to items to be particularlyuseful, together they assisted us boost our Fishing ability to over 1,000.

Earning the accomplishment grants girlfriend the best to purchase the blueprintfor the upgrade, Garrison Blueprint: Fishing Shack, Level 3, fromSparz Boltwist (Alliance) or Rezlak (Horde)for 1,000 .

Every day, you get a daily quest at your Fishing Shack, which is composed incatching Draenor fishes and gutting lock to gain the quest items. This quest have the right to be donein her Garrison. All you need to do is to obtain the bait because that the day"s fish (it can becaught in her Garrison) and then record the day"s fish in her Garrison"s waters.

The day-to-day quest boosts your Fishing ability by 15 and rewards you v a

fill of Fishing Supplies, which can contains baits amongst other things.

After upgrading her Fishing Shack come Level 3, girlfriend receiveLuring Nat (Alliance) or Luring Nat(Horde) indigenous the Fishing merchant at her Fishing Shack. Bothquests need you to capture a details fish from the watersof her faction"s starting zone. The took united state 10 triesto capture the

Arcane Trout needed for the Alliancequest.

Finding Nat Pagle is the follow-up pursuit andrequires you to go to the Krasarang Wilds in Pandaria to talk to Nat,who then provides you A True Draenor Angler, i beg your pardon requiresyou to capture 1 of each of these fish: Abyssal Gulper Lunker, Blackwater Whiptail Lunker, remote Lake Lunker, Fat Sleeper Lunker, Fire Ammonite Lunker, and also Jawless Skulker Lunker.To assist you execute that, Nat provides you a one-of-a-kind lure,

Nat"s Hookshot, which you require to active in orderto be able to catch these fish in their corresponding areas.Do not use your own baits, as they override Nat"s unique lure.In average, that took united state 12 attempts to capture each of this fish.

Nat Pagle sell a number of items, which need a certainlevel a friendship through him and a variety of Nat"s happy Coinsto buy.

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items Friendship expense
Nat"s Draenic Fishing Journal
None 25x Nat"s happy Coins
Nat"s drink Hat
Friends 25x Nat"s happy Coins
Draenic Fishing Pole
Friends 25x Nat"s happy Coins
floor Shark Good Friends 50x Nat"s happy Coins
Reins that the Crimson Water Strider Best Friends 100x Nat"s lucky Coins

Nat"s lucky Coins and friendship are earned byturning in Lunker fish to Nat Pagle at her Garrison, somethingwhich calls for Nat to it is in assigned to occupational at your Fishing Shack.Each consistent Draenor fish has its own Lunker version(for example blind Lake Lunker because that

blind Lake Sturgeon).Lunker fish are caught in the exact same waters whereby their continual equivalentscan be captured (so, Shadowmoon sink for remote Lake Lunker). Accordingto a comment on Wowhead,the possibility to catch them is around 1% in ~ Level 700 and it increasesif girlfriend buff her Fishing ability (5-6% in ~ Level 1089).