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Successfully finish the indicated task come unlock the equivalent form(s):Future super Saiyan: Successfully finish the "Unknown History" secret mission come unlock the Future at sight Saiyan transformation.Giant: as a Namekian, visit Guru"s house at Level 35. Speak come Piccolo, then Nail, climate Dende, climate Piccolo again to start a struggle that will unlock the large form. This form drains stamina, but makes friend giant and gives distinct moves. It is very powerful, yet the damages inflicted come you will reflect in your stamina as opposed to your health; as soon as stamina is depleted, the type drops and you will certainly be left in stamina break status.Golden: together a Frieza, complete the Frieza faction by cultivate on Frieza"s Spaceship v Zarbon, then Ginyu, then golden Frieza, and finally Meta-Cooler to unlock the gold form. To enter Frieza"s Spaceship, with Level 20 and also give Appule a Med-Mix Capsule. The Golden type provides rise to Ki blasts and also speed, and changes the nature of conventional Ki blasts. Note: Level 57 is the minimum need for the Golden type for the Frieza race.Kaioken: after the Saiyan Saga, successfully complete Parallel quest 08: "Invade Earth" to perhaps unlock the Kaioken transformation. The mission calls for you to defeat adversaries while Nappa survives (Ultimate finish required). You will certainly then fight revived Goku. He will usage the Kaioken transformation. Defeat him to have actually a chance of unlocking the Kaioken transformation. If you execute not gain it, keep completing the mission till you get it. The may also not unlock till you have progressed further in the game, previous the Future Saga. You may additionally have to understand the skill before it unlocks. Kaioken levels are based upon your Ki levels. One energy bar is common Kaioken, 3 bars is x3 Kaioken, and 5 bars is x20 Kaioken. This transformation will drainpipe your stamina -- at x20 it will drain an extremely quickly. This provides both your normal and also Ki strikes stronger.Potential Unleashed: happen all five advancement tests through a "Z" rank to unlock secondary advancement test. Complete that advancement test to acquire the Potential Unleashed form. The change costs 5 Ki bars to use.Power Pole Pro: together a human, progression through the Hercule faction through speaking through Saiyaman (do no worry about Hercule himself). Eventually he will market you a search to unlock the power Pole pro form. This kind has lengthy reach, recovers stamina also while moving, and enables for guarding when moving.Purification: as a Majin, progress through the Buu faction until he has three kids to acquire the Purification form. This type transforms you into Kid Buu, overriding your moves and stats, while likewise draining stamina. It is recommended to use the Potential Unleashed type instead.Super Saiyan ("Awoken" skill): Successfully finish some story missions and reach Level 30 to unlock an event at the Capsule Corp time rift with Vegeta. Together a Saiyan, complete the sparing mission v Vegeta. Complete some an ext story objectives until you reach Level 40 and unlock the child Buu fight story mission. After beating Kid Buu, while goku is charging his heart bomb, there will be one more event through Vegeta at Capsule Corporation. Complete the mission v Vegeta, then speak to Bulma, climate Trunks, climate go back to Vegeta for the final battle between Goku, Vegeta, and also your character. They will then teach friend the "Awoken" skill, enabling you to usage Super Saiyan, super Saiyan 2, and Super Saiyan 3.Super Vegeta: Unlock supervisor Saiyan, climate reach Level 60. You will get a notice about a brand-new mission in ~ Capsule Corporation. Walk there and talk come Vegeta. Girlfriend will have to defeat at sight Saiyan God Vegeta to unlock the at sight Vegeta 1 and also Super Vegeta 2 forms.

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