Tar is just one of the most daunting substances to eliminate from hair. The process often takes much more than one hour but only needs waxed paper, a hair dryer, one ironing board and also a apparel iron. For the quickest, safest and also most comfortable removal, enlist the assist of a friend or household member.

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Preheat the iron

Place the steel on the ironing board and also turn it to the lowest setting.

Wrap the affected hair in waxed paper

Fold a sheet of waxed file in fifty percent and ar it around the tarred hair. The tar should be totally surrounded by the paper. Ar the sheathe hair ~ above the ironing board.

Iron the waxed paper

Place the hot iron top top the waxed file and progressively move it back and forth. This soft the tar. Make number of passes, climate pull gently on the waxed paper. Alternating ironing and also pulling until the hair is totally free and the tar continues to be inside the record sleeve.

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Remove tar residue with a punch dryer

Wrap the affected hair in a clean sheet of waxed record and heat it v a punch dryer. As the hot air softens the tar residue, pull the record away. Repeat till the hair is totally clean.

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