Welcome to the Weekly Map Recap, a series where we will certainly look ago at one map in the video game each week. Fine look with a vital eye at just how each map represents its theme, proves faithful come its lore, and also implements the design. We’ll see how effective its gameplay is, even if it is the art holds up, and also the forecast for the map’s lengthy term retention. With 52 maps to date, it’ll be fairly the journey!

For those in the future, the newest map which has just released at the time of composing is Drizzlewood coastline from LWS5.

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One the the most amazing things about Fields of destroy is how out of the means it is. The civilization progression framework breaks personal a bit here - yes sir no natural method that one would progress to this map without some backtrack. Areas of destroy is easily accessible either native Blazeridge Steppes - a greater level ar - or from the asura gate associated to Divinity’s Reach. Given the circulation of levels across the map, the latter seems to be the intended route.

But in order come come v the door to fields of Ruin, friend -

Have to understand it’s there.

Have to guess that the zone top top the various other side is ideal for your level.

Have attention in walking there rather than the area that are closer and also easier to access.

Or it is in guided there by the Vigil storyline.

The last alternative is the one that provides sense, yet that gives fields of damage the odd difference of being a map the you space most likely to come across when triggered by vanilla an individual Story, and not through various other means. That’s… pretty odd.

It’s specifically odd provided how lot the map lies at the facility of Guild wars 2’s thematic structure. One of the core messages of the game, thematically, is bringing together the various peoples the Tyria to challenge the Elder Dragons. Areas of ruin is in ~ the heart of that effort. If the charr and also humans to be not working to make peace on this very map, none of the game’s plot could take place. Indeed, it’s the map that sees the climactic events of the ‘Edge that Destiny’ novel that straight sets increase the plot the the vanilla game.

On top of that, fields of destroy has, in many ways, several of the strongest ties to GW1 emotionally and thematically. This is the final resting ar of Gwen and the last home of the free Ascalonians. This is the result of a fight the bookended the first game - native the very start in Ashford come the finish at the Eye that the North and also the Charr Homelands. There are still a variety of players out there that favor fighting the charr come fighting with them, and Fields of ruin represents the within the game itself. The a location that has found itself out of action with the rest of humanity.

Finally, the map also to represent another key theme that the game - the elder dragon pushing different peoples up versus each various other that formerly hadn’t been in contact. The ogres on this map have some that the largest settlements everywhere in the world, and their kraal design covers the southern eastern corner. In pre-release articles, Anet designers provided that the ogres and also their culture were among the main ways they were showing brand-new cultures coming into conflict, through the ogres descending native the Blazeridge Mountains complying with climate change.

So in link with every one of that above, yes sir actually fairly a the majority of lore below - yet almost all of it is new lore. That’s no a hit versus it that course, it’s just fascinating exactly how much lore is current here the isn’t straight from the very first game. A number of characters native the an initial GW are of course buried on this map, and there are many lore tidbits that detail what occurred between the gamings - however this map does not correspond to any type of from the an initial game directly. We were never ever able to this much south in Ascalon.

There’s a sweetheart trove of interesting bits, otherwise. Indigenous the Summit tents at Warrior’s Crown come the mines just exterior of Ebonhawke and the charr city that Deathblade’s Watch, yes sir so numerous conversations you have the right to have with NPCs here. Ebonhawke itself is chock full of interactables and conversations.

Special mention to the secluded valley in the NW of the map, and the mystery garden in the SE. Both are connected to sylvari - one a bittersweet touch indigenous the novel Ghosts the Ascalon, the other just a nice concealed sylvari sanctuary.

Everything revolves roughly Ebonhawke in fields of Ruin, together one might expect the to. The fortress dominates the southwest corner of the map. Along with the areas directly bordering it, or thematically tied to it, it’s much more like a full half - the rest of the map arcing roughly it in a crescent.

In general, the player is plan to progression from the southern to the north, and an ext specifically from the southwest towards the eastern side the the map, then arcing earlier around in the direction of the northwest. The again a bit of an odd framework - especially given the the key meta of the map is earlier in the southeast wherein the levels are towards the reduced end! combined with the very open nature that the levels that comprise much that the see here, it method it’s a bit confusing to recognize where to walk next.

Fields of damage is… fine. When a sweetheart trove because that lore geeks, yes sir isn’t yes, really that much to carry out on this map beyond look because that lore treasures and also nooks and crannies. The jumping puzzle on the map is fun however nothing standout. Offered the level of importance of the occasions happening top top this map, it seems odd that there isn’t really lot of a feeling of push and also pull - of points really happening. Everything seems fairly peaceful and quiet.

One exemption is the ogre meta at the kraal in the southeast. I’ve constantly loved this meta because that inexplicable factors - it’s fine implemented, v a pretty flow and level of difficulty for its level. It’s still run regularly too, for the exclusive price of the ever-elusive chocolate rabbit ‘Sam’.

I want to begin by saying that fields of Ruin, like most Ascalon zones, look at great. It yes, really does. That said, this is just one of the maps I’ve constantly felt the most disappointment in. The comparison between the implementation the Ebonhawke and also the Ebonhawke that stays in the concept art is no contest. The arts of the an excellent gates is imposing and also absolutely massive - in comparison, the gates in-game seem choose the ‘It’s A small World’ version. Provided the implementation the something favor the kodan iceberg cities from the principle art, the feels lackluster.

The structures in the city, as well, have a sense of sameness about them - there’s tiny sense of geography based upon landmarks, and it’s basic to acquire lost. It just feels favor there’s so lot more that can have to be done through the location.

All the said, the remainder of the map looks great. Yes some great examples the ‘the Brand’ weirdness, and also the charr design - including at the Summit - is ~ above point. The cliffs follow me the east edge are appropriately filled with tunnels and also other features, and the abovementioned sylvari gardens are pretty. I’ve constantly loved the ogre architecture here - it’s one of the couple of places wherein we gain the sense that this yes, really is one more people on par with the five races we deserve to play.

Fields of destroy is doing much better than the has any right to be. It’s constantly astonishing come me exactly how badly civilization want that ‘Sam’. On height of that, there appears to it is in an inordinate amount that times that guilds role the guild mission inside the jumping puzzle - I constantly see people there. Finally, there seems to it is in a diehard ar of players that choose to basic themselves in Ebonhawke - all the services are there. I feel choose Arenanet is lacking a cheat by not having actually released an to exclude, area here with a pass and also portals.

One various other thing that’s always been a dead is the lack of connection to Elona. Currently that we have the decision Desert maps, it seems too bad that they can not implement a portal with the Desert gate for those that own Path the Fire.

Fields of ruin represents, for me, one of the greatest differences between concept and also implementation. Early principle art of areas of ruin implied for this reason much much more verticality and also interesting location - and the an excellent Ebonhawke gates looked therefore much more impressive. If Ebonhawke had been constructed in today’s game, it would certainly be a better map for it.

That gift said, there room lots of an excellent pieces. The an pure treasure trove that GW2 oriented lore, and also really in ~ the love of both the ‘current events’ that the video game world and the thematic framework of the narrative.

The treaty tents are an amazing area, and the ogre bits in the southeast. Nice nod to the novels in the north west corner. Human being seem to operation the map a same amount, provided how tiny there is to really do here.

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That’s it for today! next week, we'll be top to Harathi Hinterlands.

What perform you think the today’s map? any kind of fond memories, or strong complaints? how well perform you think this map stands increase in to compare to all the others?