There room a wealth of resources that room up for grabs in Slime Rancher, yet one which may be a bit tricky to figure out is how to get Wild Honey.

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A byproduct that bees, Wild honey is crucial ingredient in a number of crafting recipes you’ll have to use come create new structures like teleports, feather pads and med stations.

Not just that, however it can likewise be supplied to craft decorations for your ranch. This consists of everything indigenous a stylish desk lamp to more natural structures prefer mossy tree stumps and also towering Sunburst Trees.

To gain Wild love husband though, you’ll need to go with a couple of specific steps and also know where to look for the bees that create it.

How to acquire Wild love husband in Slime Rancher

First and foremost, you’ll want to develop the crucial structures necessary to conference Wild Honey. This are dubbed Apiaries, and also they can be constructed after you purchase either the novice or advanced-level blueprints indigenous the Builder’s Shop.

The Novice Apiary blueprint costs 500 currency and will allow you to craft an apiary through a lower advancement cost however a lower source yield; meanwhile, the advanced Apiary’s blueprint expenses 1,500 and draws in much more resources overall.

Purchase whichever one is an ext within your price range, climate head over to the Fabricate tool to handmade the structure.

The Novice Apiary will expense 10 Pink Plorts, 6 Phospor Plorts and 6 honey Plorts to create, while the advanced Apiary will cost twice as lot of every product to make.

Where come Gather

Once you have actually an apiary, you’ll have to do is walk to the area where Wild love husband is to exclude, to; the Moss Blanket, a lush, environment-friendly area taking up the upper left quadrant that the people map.

It’s one of the very first areas you have the right to enter during Slime Rancher, so it shouldn’t it is in too tough to get to so lengthy as you’ve put in a few hours the playtime.

Once you’ve reached the Moss Blanket, head into the forested area and also press the T key to open up your gadget menu. This will highlight areas where you have the right to place structures and also gather materials over time.

Find a perfect highlighted spot, click it and then pick the apiary you constructed earlier to ar it top top the highlighted location.

Once placed, you’ll just need to wait because that a few minutes before it finishes collecting Wild Honey the you have the right to then take because that yourself.

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That’s every there is to discovering how to acquire Wild love husband in Slime Rancher. For more, inspect out ours full failure of who Casey is and also how they’re significant to the story.