ABI, brief for "Ability", is a stat the isn"t explained very well in-game, however, that is vital for obtaining particular Mega and Ultra-level Digimon.

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In the various Digimon games that have actually been released over the decades, if each has a distinct identity, there have been recurring elements that have proliferated the franchise's titles. One of these is the id of companion Digimon becoming an ext proficient at making use of their distinct abilities.

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depending upon the game, just how this is classified and also quantified will vary, however, in Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory the takes the kind of the ABI stat (short because that Ability). When a specific threshold the ABI is an important for digivolving one's partners into certain Mega or Ultra-level allies, the game sadly doesn't define how to increase this stat really well.

Thankfully, lot of of tireless Digimon tamers have actually been trying out and assessing ABI since the game's release in 2017 and have discovered how to an increase this stat without much issue.

What Is ABI & What it Does

omnimon and also dynasmon.

ABI & Digivolution

Initially, the many notable element revolving roughly ABI is that is it required to digivolve details Digimon right into their Mega or Ultra-level forms, though, exactly how much is essential will vary depending upon the species. As a basic trend, the much more powerful Digimon require an ext ABI than others. The quantity of ABI essential will vary between 20 to 120, though most Mega develops will only require the former. A couple of examples of Digimon archetypes the need better ABI to be obtained are the royal Knights and the 7 Deadly Digimon.

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ABI & Training

besides digivolving purposes, ABI is greatly beneficial when maintain a partner's other stats when they room not in one's energetic party. There is one unmentioned threshold that will certainly cap how numerous points one deserve to pump into a details stat that a specific Digimon partner, but, placed simply, having more ABI raises this threshold. The yes, really formula supplied by the game to determine this threshold that potential training point growth is together follows:

Potential training points = (ABI/2) + 50

The higher one's ABI stat, the more training that Digimon will have the ability to do, which, in turn, will certainly make the much much easier to with the compelled stats to digivolve one's partners into their most an effective forms.

just how To get ABI

ultra digimon unify from the 4 masters.

Increasing ABI By making use of Consumables

The quickest and also easiest way to increase a Digimon's ABI (by a tiny amount) is with the miracle Meat item, which players can buy and feed to their partners, albeit at a steep price and also in very limited quantities. This will certainly help tamers press their partner's ABI stat up once needed, yet should not be used as the only means of enhancing ABI, as it is not almost as effective as other methods.

Scanning Digimon To gain Partners With greater Starting ABI

Normally, football player don't stroked nerves scanning wild Digimon after getting to 100%, as it doesn't seem an extremely necessary to perform so, however, the greater the scanning data, the higher the base ABI the a created Digimon will certainly be. Starting from 105% scan data, football player will acquire 1 much more point that ABI because that every 25% end 100% scan data.

This means that, at the max scan data level the 200%, football player can develop Digimon that that types with 5 basic points in the ABI stat. While no super helpful by itself, beginning to train among the more common Digimon after getting 200% scan data because that them will certainly make getting them to their strongest Mega or Ultra-level kind a little bit easier.

Increasing ABI by Digivolving & De-Digivolving

By far the most efficient and also ideal long-term method of getting ABI is come digivolve and de-digivolve one's companion multiple times.

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While the is never directly described why this is the prime technique of getting ABI, it is implied that Digimon room meant come be liquid entities that should change kind multiple times. This is an catalyst for the player to shot out different partners and also to possibly suggest them towards completing their Digimon encyclopedia.

as soon as it comes to digivolving, partner going native the Rookie-level to the Champion-level, as well as those going native the Ultimate-level to the Mega-level, will obtain the many ABI. Though, with that said, de-digivolving Digimon absolutely yields an ext ABI points 보다 digivolving them.

In this regard, Ultra-level Digimon going under to a Mega-level form will acquire the many ABI, as higher-form alterations approve the many returns. Though, because the finish goal that ABI training approaches is normally to obtain an Ultra-level form, the ideal training an approach will be a bit lower. After all points are considered, arguably the most efficient method of acquiring ABI though this mechanic is to digivolve one Ultimate-level Digimon into a Mega-level form before immediately reversing the process. Rinsing and repeating this will likely be the fastest method to rack up large ABI points.