One of the reasons Snapchat has actually been maybe to preserve its popularity end the year in the face of excessive competition indigenous platforms prefer Instagram is the the company has consistently included new, fun attributes to the platform. Features like Stories, the Snap Map, and more have given Snapchat part serious staying power.

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Keep in mind, though, you have the right to still loop videos top top Android; however, the Bounce feature, which permits you to loop a specific part of the video, has yet to come to Android.

Other Looping Options

If girlfriend don’t desire to produce a Bounce, you have the right to use the loop function to achieve other tasks.

Limitless Snaps

Before Bounce was actually introduced, Snapchat users might utilize the endless Snap option. Endless Snaps are enabled when you push down on the Infinity icon. This option allows you pick the number of snaps you great to take and play as part of an infinite loop.


A constant Loop

If you don’t want to use the Bounce option, girlfriend can likewise just select to loop her videos without the ago and soon motion. This choice was introduced method back before Bounce, for this reason long-time Snapchat users space likely currently familiar through it. With the latest update, you must tap double on the Infinity icon to activate a regular loop.

Customizing her Bounce

Just choose with any other Snap, you can add text, stickers, and add links. To do this, tap any type of of the alternatives on the right-hand side of her Snapchat bounce video.

Tapping the ‘T’ symbol at the top offers you a text box to kind in while tapping the pen icon permits you to compose or draw. If you tap the difficult note icon you can pick from a plethora of stickers.

Finally, tapping the attachment link gives you the alternative to insert a URL come a webpage i beg your pardon is an excellent for influencers and also marketers.

Simply paste your URL right into the text box at the top of the screen and you’re an excellent to go.

Because your bounce video is a brief snippet that content, you deserve to actually include to it making it more interesting or even more informative. Play around with the functions and make the perfect revolving Snap!

Frequently asked Questions

Will Android users ever before get the Bounce feature?

Unfortunately, together of 2021, over there is no official word from Snapchat because that Android users. Rumors began circulating ago in 2018 once the function was released for iOS individuals that developer were working on it. But, right here we are practically three years later with no choice to usage the boomerang-like feature. U003cbru003eu003cbru003eOf course, Snapchat does accept feedback on u003ca href=u0022 support pageu003c/au003e. If you’re one Android user who has actually been patiently wait on the feature, it’s probably a an excellent idea to submit it as a suggestion and get her friends to execute the same.

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Can i upload a boomerang to Snapchat?

Absolutely! specifically for those who do not have attribute natively, friend can create a quick clip and click the Card icon next come the record switch on Snapchat’s house page come upload a video you’ve recorded somewhere else. Select the Loop choice as mentioned over to make your video clip play over and also over again. This is a workaround, however it’s as close together we can gain you come a boomerang through Snapchat’s current limitations.