When the autumn begins and the leaves start dropping native the trees and also covering your lawn, a leaf blower is the perfect time-saving tool. They enable you to take care of piles of pipeline in a fraction of the moment it would take if you did the the old-fashioned method with a rake. But what around the leaves that collect in your gutters?


Well, the great news is, if you have a sheet blower – and you gain a tiny bit the DIY – friend can easily rig something up that will clear the end your gutters in no time, an interpretation no an ext precarious balancing acts upon a ladder. If the sounds like something you could like to try, here’s exactly how to do a gutter cleaner indigenous a leaf blower vacuum.

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If you want a preview, this is a videofrom a very an imaginative DIYer through some good tips for exactly how to perform it.

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A pair of options for make a gutter cleaner

If you want to do something come clear out your gutter using your sheet blower, you have actually a couple of options. We’ll start with the most straightforward version and then walk on come talking about some other principles you deserve to try.

1.Basic sheet blower gutter cleaner

To make the most straightforward version, friend will need a length of tubing to boost your with plus something to develop the angle vital to direct the air ago down into the gutter come clear out the leaves.

It doesn’t matter what sort of leaf blower you use – gas leaf blowersor backpack leaf blowersare typically the most an effective and will occupational well, but battery powered sheet blowersor corded electric leaf blowers will occupational well too.

The simplest products to use are a size of 2” PVC pipe in addition to a compatible PVC U-joint. The length of the piping will count on just how high you should reach. Also, remember to save yourself a 6” size of piping to connect to the other finish of the U-joint.

If the piping fits snuggly over the end of your leaf blower’s nozzle, you just need to settle it firmly in location with a couple of wraps the duct tape.

Fit the U-joint come the finish of the lengthy section of pipe and also fit the 6” piece of piping that you saved to the other finish of the U-joint.

With this straightforward setup, friend will have the ability to reach up right into your gutters and blast any kind of crud out of there from the safety and security of the ground there is no the need for any kind of ladders or climbing.

2.If the 2” piping doesn’t fit

You may uncover that 2” piping no fit around the nozzle of your leaf blower – in fact, in plenty of cases, it more than likely won’t.

In this case, you will should come up with something slightly more elaborate, although still nothing expensive or complicated.

The trick right here is to use a rubber reducer. One end fits over the nozzle of her leaf blower if the smaller end goes over the pipe. This will settle the trouble of the nozzle size not corresponding the pipe, yet other 보다 this, the setup is the exact same as for the version above.

3.Gutter vacuum

Another idea is to use a leaf blower v a vacuum function to sucking the leaves and also other debris out of her gutter rather than blast it every out v air.

The way to develop this would certainly be the same as with the an initial two versions, using PVC piping, a U-joint and, if necessary, a rubber reducer.

There space a pair of points to bear in mental if you decision to make a gutter cleaner the sucks fairly than blows.

First, leaf blowers through vacuum capacity are designed to suck increase leaves and also light debris like small twigs from her yard in fall. The leaves normally pass v the chisels of the compeller, which doubles together a chipper shredder and reduces the pipeline to mulch.

However, if you are using something favor this come clean a gutter, because you can not see into the gutter from the ground, girlfriend won’t be able to see what you room sucking up.

If over there is something much more substantial 보다 leaves or twigs increase there, you might end up damaging the compeller chisels in your leaf blower, for this reason if you decide to shot this, proceed with caution. Also, see #4 below for another solution come this problem.

The second thing to remember is that when using this setup to suck and also not blow, over there is a good chance the leaves and also debris resulting in a blockage in your piping. For this reason, it is best not to use any type of glue to settle the piece in place.

Instead, usage something that have the right to be quickly removed to permit you come clear any type of blockages that occur.

4.Attach a mirror

An ingenious systems to the problem of not being able to watch what you space sucking or blowing way up in your guttering is to attach a winter to the tube.

If friend can uncover an old automobile wing winter or miscellaneous similar, this would be perfect. You just need to connect it come the bending of the piping in ~ the finish that reaches approximately the gutter.

You will certainly then be able to angle the so you have the right to see what you space blowing or sucking from her gutter without having to climb up ~ above a ladder to check. This will also allow you to view if the gutter is clean as soon as the task is done.

There are various ways you have the right to fix a winter to the tubing, however the vital is not to drill and holes in the pipe. If friend do, girlfriend will shed air pressure and will considerably reduce the effectiveness of her gutter cleaner.

To see exactly how this could work, click the link to the video clip at the beginning of this post.

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No much more need because that ladders

How girlfriend rig up your leaf blower to clean her gutters will count on the type of leaf blower girlfriend have, just how high her gutters are and the products at your disposal. However, the different versions and tips we have outlined right here should give you enough of an idea to have the ability to create a gutter cleaner the is suited to your residence using the products that are available to you.