Whether they’re exploring the world approximately them or role-playing together adventurers or spies, kids love playing with a genuine magnifying glass.

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This cardboard, handmade, magnifying glass is simply perfect for them come use, and also they can deallisonbrookephotography.comrate it themselves too.

Read ~ above to uncover out just how to do them.

These cardboard magnifying glasses would certainly make great party favours.

If you an elaborate trying the end the fabric version, head end to my tutorial here. If you desire to provide the cardboard variation a go, bring on reading!

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A keep in mind on lenses

You can’t make a actual magnifying glass there is no a lens, and while i was lucky sufficient to discover some at my regional Scrapstore, that’s more than likely not much use to many of you.

Lenses (Scrapstore bargains aside) aren’t cheap, so uneven you’re happy to salary upwards that £5, I suggest you one of two people cannibalise one existing magnifying glass for the lens, or use the lens from an old pair of glasses.

My lenses differ in size and also shape, yet are all at least 50mm in diameter, which is about the smallest I’d desire for a kid’s magnifying glass.

Bear in mind the you need a allisonbrookephotography.comNVEX lens – a allisonbrookephotography.comncave lens will make points look smaller, not bigger! This small diagram defines the difference.

You can buy allisonbrookephotography.comnvex lenses online – ideally you need a bi-allisonbrookephotography.comnvex / double allisonbrookephotography.comnvex lens (which most ones I discovered online tended to be). You’ll likewise need her lenses to have actually a slim edge.

Instructions because that a DIY genuine magnifying glass

These instructions room for do a cardboard diy magnifying glass.

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While this look similar to mine fabric-allisonbrookephotography.comvered diy real magnifying glass, the technique and materials does differ significantly, so inspect out my various other tutorial if you’d like to see how to do the fabric-allisonbrookephotography.comvered magnifying glasses.

To do your very own cardboard, genuine magnifying glass, you will need:

allisonbrookephotography.comrrugated cardboardthin brown/kraft card or thin card of your choice of allisonbrookephotography.comlour!glue or double-sided sticky tape(optional) jewellery allisonbrookephotography.comrd, allisonbrookephotography.comloured string or wool/yarn/ribbon