Place one steel ingot in the facility of a do table and also surround it with eight sand blocks. Yields 8 red sand blocks.

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After all, steel is what gives a rusty red color to things. If more red sand and sandstone isn't going come be included to mesa biomes, this would perform wonders to mitigate how ridiculously rare they are. Granite, diorite, and andesite already have their own crafting recipes too, so why no red sand?

EDIT: This is, actually, a real difficulty in the game. It's so negative that DocM77 developed a redstone metadata modifying an equipment to minimize it. Https://


I like the idea, but it appears a little expensive for an object that is no OP in any type of shape or form. Maybe orange dye surrounded by 8 sand?

Though i personally agree with your recipe idea, Iron yes, really isn't that expensive or rarely to use. No saying I like his idea but I have heaps of iron and also I don't have any kind of sort that iron farm yard aside native byproduct steel from my zombies.

Eh, what the heck; why can't it it is in both? give the player the liberty to pick whichever resource is easiest to grab and also go with.

...but what about the crafting for red sand idea? friend dislike comparing red sand come the stone variants, but what about the really idea?

Do you actually have an worry with do red sand? :P

Sounds good, I like red sand alot, yet hate just how rare that it. Stole seems prefer the best recipe together well, since if you usage dye, human being might want many colored sand (green sand, blue sand) comparable to stained glass and clay.

But climate again, i guess it would look great in aquariums and whatnot, or in build that have actually prismarine.....And brown sand could then be a thing. Idk, now....

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In actual life, I'm pretty certain red sand is simply a sandy variety of Ultisol, or red clay soil. The kinda difficult to look at up information on dirt though, surprisingly. :/

Though, red soil prefer Ultisol is high in iron oxide, which is more than likely why iron is used in the crafting recipe. Also, perhaps you have the right to craft 1-8 that it as well?

Iron is a little too OP, it's red sand because that goodness sakes... And why can't we add green sand? Just an additional damage value for sand! no sound also bad.

I agree with some people that some blocks need to be rare, however not once you have to destroy biomes to obtain them. So ns agree v your pointer +1

What around a sand and a red dye? Or one orange dye or a redstone. I can make screenshots when I have an ext time :D


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