Cold procedure soap is very different contrasted to soap do from surfactants. Cold process soap is do with organic oils and also produces lather naturally. Lather from many store purchase soaps come indigenous surfactants or detergents. Fabricated surfactants room harsher on the skin, and can strip the skin of moisture. That’s why cold process soap is so terrific for sensitive skin, and why soap indigenous the store deserve to leave theskin emotion dry and overly “squeaky clean.”

While cold process soap has plenty of skin benefits, one downside is that cold procedure soap does no last as lengthy in the shower as soap make from surfactants and also detergents. Once I offer cold process soap come somebody who hasn’t used it before, ns make certain to provide them tips to avoid this. Mine number one pointer is come make sure the soap sit in a soap dish, or shower head rack. If the soap sit in water for also long, that will end up being mushy and soft very quickly. If you’d like an ext informationon extending the life of her bars in the shower, examine out my advice below.

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Use an ext Hard OilsIn general, firmer bars of soap last much longer in the shower. Using much more hard oils helps produce a firmer bar that soap. Hard oils refer to oils that are solidat room temperature such together palm oil,Coconut Oil,BeeswaxandPalm Kernel Flakes. In general, soap with around 60% hardoils would be considered a for sure bar of soap. The looks something favor 30% coconut oil, 30% palm oil, 30% olive oil and also 10% “something extra.” If her soap contains huge percentage of soft oils, permitting it to cure for longer can aid it last longer in the shower. Because that example, soap made with 100% olive oil (known asCastileSoap) benefits from curing for six months come a complete year.

Use Stearic AcidStearic Acidis a good addition to soap recipes if you’d choose to produce an extra firm bar that soap. It’s usually provided as a thickening agent in lotion. It’s a vegetable acquired waxy substance that can be supplied at a 0.5% of your oils in cold procedure soap. The sounds prefer a very tiny amount, however a small goes a long way when it pertains to stearic acid! keep in mental if you usage stearic acid in her recipe, the will map faster and also needs a hot soaping temperature (at least 160 ° F) come make sure it remains melted.

Use sodium Lactate/SaltSodium Lactateis the fluid salt the lactic acid. It’s generally added to cooled lye water in ~ a price of 1 tespoon per lb of oils. The does marvels for hardening up your bar, and also really helps extend the life in the shower. I use it in just around every one of my batches!If you don’t have sodium lactate ~ above hand, you can also include table salt to your lye solution. Sodium lactate or table salt is especially good when the recipe often tends to be a little softer (like a palm free recipe).


Sodium Lactatecreates a bar that is firmer, deserve to be unmolded faster, and additionally lasts longer in the shower. Soap on the left consists of sodium lactate, when soap ~ above the right does not.

Use a Draining Soap DishWhen a cured bar the soap sit in water, it transforms to mush quite quickly. The ideal solution to stop the soap from coming in contact with overabundance is water is to ar it on aSoap Dish. The dish need to elevate the soap and permit the water to drain. In the shower, put the soap ~ above a shower head rack works as well. The vital is to save the soap dry. Without a dish, a fully cured bar that cold process soap will rotate soft and also mushy in about a day.


I received this beautiful bar from Tabitha in theFall 2016 Soap Swap. I loved the Tabitha consisted of a dish in addition to her soap. Therefore clever!

Make certain to totally CureMaking cold process soap bring away patience. It demands time to sit in the mold to harden, which typically takes at least2-3 days. When unmolded and cut, the bars need to cure for around 4-6 weeks. During this time, excesswater in the soap evaporates, which creates a firmer and longer lasting bar. The longer the bar cures, the better. This is specifically true for soap do with mostly (or all) olive oil, additionally known as Castile soap.

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Castile soap benefits from a longer curing time the abut six months to a full year. The longer Castile soap cures, the less “slimy” the lather feels. For “normal” cold process recipes, a cure time the 4-6 weeks does the trick. If girlfriend water discount her recipe, the soap may not have to cure fairly as long.

Do girlfriend have any kind of recipe tricks because that making her cold process soap last longer in the shower? While tiny changes like an ext hard oils and stearic mountain make a difference, aSoap Dishis really key!