Observing Mongol leader in Ghost of Tsushima lets you unlock the full potential that Jin"s 4 fighting Stances, which you can improve also further transparent the story.

The 4 Stances in Ghost the Tsushima are: Stone, Water, Wind, and Moon - unlocked in the order. Killing a leader just nets you one allude towards your stance progress, yet you have the right to effectively dual this by "observing" a Leader beforehand. Each Stance comes with distinctive abilities you deserve to use in battle, so it"s worth seeking out Mongol leader to observe and also gain extra view points.

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Not all Stances are easily accessible at the start of the game, for this reason instead, you"ll need to sneak v Mongol encampments and also observe the leader to get access as efficiently as possible. Before you acquire started, examine out our Ghost of Tsushima tips web page here.


Ghost of Tsushima Stances: exactly how to observe Leaders

If girlfriend stealthily method an encampment - ie. Don"t initiate a Standoff - friend should be able to sneak in undetected with a broken wall or through leaping over a fence. You can then use yourhearing vision to locate the Leader the the settlement, who is typically practising your Stances alone. They tend not to be out in the open, for this reason you"ll most likely need to perform a fair little of sneaking.

Remain undetected by relocating through job of pampas grass and using objects together cover, and move in nearby to your target. This can be looking down on the leader, or peeping out of a nearby hidey-hole.

When you"re close enough, you"ll get a prompt to hold R2 to watch them, so save holding it and stay out of sight till you get an extra view point.


Water Stance"s flow Strike is one such ability you have the right to learn that"s beneficial in virtually every fight moving forward, for this reason it"s well worth seeking the end the Mongol Leaders.

Once you watch Leaders and gain a view point, you"ll have the ability to fight them come the death. If you"ve it was observed them for lengthy enough, you"ll get twin Stance points for every Leader girlfriend kill moving forward.

If done properly, you"ll end up v two stance points you have the right to use, definition you can unlock new skills lot faster. Girlfriend can examine out ours Stance overview here, as well as our perform of the best Ghost Weapons and also Techniques.

And that"s it! because that more Ghost of Tsushima guides, inspect out ours pages on where to get more supplies, predator hides, iron and also steel, whereby to find all the Inari Shrines and also Hot spring locations, and also where to uncover the best significant and minor charms.

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We"ve likewise got pages on whereby to uncover every quest, ideal armour and also vanity item, and also how to get the best ending.