Platinum-spiked hair. Food Network star. Inventor of "Donkey Sauce." These are all methods to define Guy Fieri, but if you think that"s all tbelow is to understand around the Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives star, you do not know Guiperform. (That"s his nickname among friends, FYI.)

The chef is eexceptionally little the guy you watch on TV, but what"s most surpincreasing around him is what his life is favor as soon as cameras aren"t rolling—and what renders him the man who"s not afrhelp to "acquire dvery own to some Enya" and also keeps tension at bay via a small advice from salesman Zig Ziglar.

Here"s what even the a lot of dietough fans don"t understand.

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His name wasn"t always "Fieri."

Fieri—pronounced "FEE-eddy," via the "eri" trilled Italian-style, for anyone wondering why the "r" sounds even more choose a "t" or "d"—was born Guy Ferry. He changed it earlier to the original way his family members spelled the name, Fieri, in 1995 once he married his wife, Lori. Another fun fact? His middle name is Ramsay. Yup, just choose Gordon.

Alexander Tamargo

A "devastating cook" cemented his career course.

Fieri always enjoyed cooking—in middle school he ran his own pretzel cart—yet it wasn"t till high college, once he spent a year researching abroad in France, that he realized he necessary to be in the food market. He"d been continuing to be at a boarding residence, and though he admits the womale that ran it was a "devastating cook," every dish he had was outrageous.

"I composed house to my parental fees, saying "I had steak and potatoes yesterday, and it was choose I"d never before had actually them in my life,"" Fieri says. "My parents were really great cooks, and also we ate really well, yet I"d never before had actually anypoint favor the food tright here. I kbrand-new exactly then what I wanted to perform."

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While attending the College of Nevada, Las Vegas, and also majoring in hotel administration, he worked as a busboy and also flambé captain, taking on whatever before work he can to get even more experience in the restaurant human being.

"I am hardly ever speechmuch less, however I was speechless then."

He earned his chops at Barbecue Boot Camp.

At 12, Fieri obtained a Little Chief smoker and also began making his own beef jerky and smoked cheese, and started dabbling in barbecue, dreaming of inevitably competing at the Amerideserve to Royal, which the chef deems "the Super Bowl of barbecue." To prepare himself, he enrolled at a two-day barbecue camp taught by former winner Lola Rice.

"It was organized in a parking lot on the South side of Houston, and tbelow were about 70 world tbelow," he describes. When he first rolled up in the convertible he rented from the airport, the California indigenous felt like a fish out of water.

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"I drove up and there were a bunch of good ol" boys in overalls, and I asked, "hey, is this the barbecue camp?" They looked at me and just said, "Boy, you lost?"" he laughs. "I was wearing red Dickies shorts, skateboard shoes and also a tank top. I could"ve worn a Godzilla costume and also gained a much better reception."

Dylan Rives

He"s won the Super Bowl of BBQ.

He wound up winning their respect after he cooked a vast vat of pasta for everyone tright here, after learning the camp didn"t have dinner plans for its students and also crew. Tright here, he met a truck driver, a pharmacist, a computer technology and an architect/engineer—4 people who didn"t seem to have much in widespread, other than an appreciation for smoked meat—who wound up developing the Motley "Que, a barbecue crew that"d cook and also complete together, eventually winning the Amerideserve to Royal six years back.

The award didn"t come via a knuckle-sized ring or a trip to Disney World, however it did help him acquire inducted into the Barbecue Hall of Fame.

Dylan Rives

He never before intended to have his signature platinum locks.

Fieri rocked lengthy hair for years, much to the chagrin of his hairdresser. "She"d always comsimple that I required to get modern, so someday I said, "Fine. Do whatever before you desire," so she cuts my hair, and also as soon as we acquire done, I asked, "When are you going to wash the shampoo out?" She sassist, "What shampoo? That"s your brand-new hair color!"" he describes. "I am rarely speechless, however I was speechmuch less then."

It was Friday night and he had to go straight to work-related at his restaurant, so he pulled on a baseball cap, tugging it down to cover his freshly bleached hair. It didn"t help.

"The restaurant got so quiet you could"ve heard a mouse sing opera," he laughs. His child, Hunter, was around 4 years old at the time, and he had simply one reaction: "What occurred to you, Daddy?"

Though it was a shocking adjust at first, he embraced it, picking not to be identified by his hairstyle—though, eventually, it wound up becoming as identified with the celeb as his catchphrases, prefer "riding the bus to Flavortown!" The minute he won Food Netoccupational Star, someone patted him on the earlier and told him, "Guess you"ll be keeping that look for a while," he states.

He"s dabbled with brown, black and even purple hair, but fans understand his white-blond look ideal.

His sister"s battle via cancer shaped his outlook on life.

At 4 years old, Fieri"s sister was diagnosed with cancer. Though he was simply 8 years old at the time, the method his neighborhood and even total strangers supported his family members left a lasting influence on him—especially once regional footround players stopped by the hospital to visit.

"Nothing takes ameans the pain of being there, however it overshadowed it a little little, once you get to draw away your attention to somepoint else," Fieri explains. "As a parent, you do not want to think of your boy being sick, and also those moments once your son is happy, when he or she"s smiling, mean so a lot."

His sister beat childhood cancer, though at 38, she was diagnosed through metastic melanoma, and passed away one year later on. Her battle has actually made Fieri desire to carry out everything he have the right to to aid various other families affected by cancer, inviting Make-A-Wish Foundation family members to every one of his Food Network show tapings. He insists on bringing the entire family—not just the son battling cancer—so they do not feel singled out.

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