A brand-new trend is going famous on tiktok that sees social media customers bringing their objects that have actually been absent for a really lengthy time come life.

That’s right, it could be that McDonald’s chip that dropped down the next of the seat of your car 3 months ago, or that old amount say that’s been in the corner of her room for a year.

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It doesn’t issue what the is, yet all you have to do because that this viral trend is offer that object eyes and a mouth, add some text and make an certain hilarious tik video.

Here’s precisely how to perform it.


What is the ‘I am lost’ tendency on TikTok?

A brand-new trend is coming to be popular on tiktok that sees world bringing their lacking objects to life.

It involves finding a lacking object, such together a shed sock under your bed or a bottle of coke. It might be anything yet it have to be miscellaneous that’s to be there for a really lengthy time.

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Then, you use a filter to offer it eyes and apply the ‘I am lost’ sound to make a completely hilarious TikTok.


poor golf ball will probably never be provided again