A couple of years ago at a powerlifting competition, ns was wrapping my knees for a squat attempt and another athlete turned come me and said the way I was doing it was totally wrong. This is the last thing you want to hear when you’re just around to effort a hefty squat. So ns did some research to avoid any type of future mistakes.

What is the ideal knee wrapping method for powerlifting? begin with the wraps about 2-3 inches below your kneecap. Save your leg directly with her quad flexed. Traction the knee pave up her leg. Every time friend pull, make certain to get all of the stress and anxiety out the the wrap so the it’s together stiff together possible. When you acquire to 2-3 inches above your knee, you’ll desire to traction the wrap under over your kneecap again, but this time in one ‘X’ or ‘cross’ pattern. To finish wrapping, you’ll securely tuck the end of the wrap underneath the last wrap you completed.

Take a look at the 9 steps listed below to understand the proper wrapping technique. If you gain it right, the knee wraps will administer support to expand the knee stronger. Ultimately, this means you’ll be able to lift an ext weight 보다 you would certainly without them.

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9 steps to Wrapping your Knees effectively for Powerlifting

One of the ideal wrapping techniques defined to me was by Adam Ramzy, among Canada’s many decorated equipped powerlifters.

His process for wrapping knee is together follows:

Find the ‘big bony bump’ at the bottom of the kneecap. This is referred to as the tibial tuberosity. Start through the finish of the wrap just covering this bone. Flex your quad, keep your knee straight, and pull your toes up. This will make sure your leg is straight and your calf is tight. Keep pulling and stretching the pave as hard as possible. You desire to take all of the stress out of the wrap as it goes roughly your leg. Wrap 3-5 times up the knee (depending on just how tight you want the wrap). The peak wrap need to start come cover the exterior of the quad (vastus lateralis). Any greater up the quad and the wrap will be ineffective. Perform one ‘X’ or ‘cross’ pattern end the knee. When contrasted with other formats of knee wrapping, this ‘X’ pattern has presented to produce the highest peak torque (i.e. Friend lift an ext weight like this)(1).The critical wrap need to be at the optimal of the knee again. Tuck the finish of the pave underneath to lock the plunder in place.

Read my finish guide ~ above the ideal Knee Sleeves because that Squats. I reviewed 8 the the optimal knee sleeves ~ above the market.

How execute Knee Wraps assist Squat?

Knee wraps store elastic energy, i beg your pardon propels the lifter out of the bottom the the squat stronger than they would certainly without. As a result, knee wraps enable you come lift an ext weight. So if you room primarily concerned with lifting much more weight in the squat, then knee wraps will be a solid device in accomplishing that. To obtain the most benefit from the knee wraps, you’ll desire to work-related on getting them together tight as possible.

How Tight must Your Knee Wraps Be?

How tight your knee wraps must be is going to rely on your experience level.

The very first time you wear knee wraps it’s going to feel relatively unnatural. It could even ache slightly since you’re not offered to the extra compression. During this learning curve, girlfriend should have a looser wrap. You can achieve this by no pulling as much slack out of them as you wrap up your kneecap. Also with a ‘loose wrap’ you’ll still discover yourself lifting more weight 보다 you would without wearing them.

I would certainly recommend squatting with loose knee wraps for about 8 workouts prior to considering walking tighter. As you become an ext comfortable through the extra compression around your knees, you have the right to experiment v pulling much more slack the end of the wrap. Store in mind, the tighter the knee wrap, the much more weight you’ll be lifting.

With a loosened wrap, it might take you 2-3 rotations indigenous the bottom of the kneecap come the top. V a tight wrap, you’ll have an ext material walking over her knee, so the number of rotation might increase come 4-5. The an ext rotations you’re acquiring over the knees, the an ext elastic power is stored in the wrap, and the an ext weight you’ll be able to potentially lift.

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Risks of Knee pack

There room two main threats that I’ve uncovered squatting v knee wraps:

her kneecap shifts together your wrapping your knee

Remember the I stated you have to keep your quad flexed and also your knee straight? This is come make certain that her kneecap stays in place as you wrap her knee. If friend flex her quad best now, and shot to move your knee cap laterally (side come side), you’ll have a tough time act so. If the kneecap move laterally together you pave over her knee, you’ll feeling a many pain together you begin to squat down. This is due to the fact that your kneecap is not in its natural position. If you execute feel ache in your knees, it might be due to the fact that you calm your quad if wrapping and you didn’t store your knee straight. If this happens, take turn off the pave and shot again with the suitable technique.

you haven’t taken the time to acquire used come lifting heavier weights

One that the fun parts around putting on knee wraps is the you’ll have the ability to lift an ext weight. However, a lot of of civilization rush too quickly in putting more weight on the bar, without acquiring used to the extra compression native the knee wraps or correctly mastering squatting technique generally. If friend have certain technical deficiencies v your squat there is no wraps, they only become more evident together the load becomes heavier. The risk becomes the you start to fail reps, and you put yourself at a high threat of injury. My advice is to keep the bar weight lighter for the very first 8 squat workouts with your wraps. Construct up the intensity when you feel more comfortable in the wraps, and also never elevator maximal tons with less than optimal technique.

What space The best Knee Wraps come Use?

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