Avatar customization top top Roblox lets the player"s creative thinking run complimentary when it pertains to character design. Walk you recognize that friend can also equip 2 hairs at once? law so calls for an knowledge of the Advanced role within the Avatar menu, yet it is simple to carry out in simply a few steps.

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Note: This overview uses the computer version that Roblox.

Step One: Head to Roblox. Once on Roblox situate the Avatar Editor, i m sorry is wherein you customize her Avatar"s design. The Avatar Editor is accessed by clicking Menu (the three-lined hamburger button) in ~ the top-left edge of the page. This will lug up a list of options to select from on the left side of the screen. Click on Avatar.

Step Two: Once top top the Avatar Editor page, float your mouse cursor over the Clothing tab. Then select Hair. This will filter her accessories to only view the Hair items.

Equip one of your preferred hair accessories by clicking it. Girlfriend must have one hair accessory already equipped prior to proceeding to step Three.

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Step Three: Locate her desired 2nd hair item that you want to equip. Open the second hair items in a new tab, which will bring you to the second hair item"s description page. You need to be top top the second hair item"s summary page in bespeak to access the URL.



Your URL will look slightly various from the above URL depending upon the Hair article you intended to equip.

You have to copy the asset ID from the hair item"s URL. The legacy ID is the numbered part of the URL. You should overlook backslashes entirely, and only copy the numbers from the URL.

Step Four: Return come the Hair food selection in the Avatar Editor. Press the Advanced button, located below the Hair items the you very own (see picture below). Pushing the advanced button will bring up a brand-new window with a bunch of legacy IDs.


Step Five: Paste in the legacy ID that you duplicated from the second Hair item"s URL. There need to be plenty of blank text boxes obtainable for friend to dough the number in. When pasted, press Save and also confirm your decision.


And that"s every there is come it. Once confirmed, friend will have equipped two hair items to your Avatar! girlfriend can always unequip the second hair item simply by pushing on the item within the Avatar Editor.

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