- feet in the wall surface has a slightly tricky trigger. There space two conditions: first, you must finish Here Kitty, Kitty for a little girl in Vault 81, and second, you must have provided blood in ~ Vault 81’s clinic. Leave for a while and come back and you’ll uncover the quest’s participants liven in the clinic. There’s a great chance you can screw up the trigger for this pursuit by not doing here Kitty, Kitty properly, so follow this walkthrough come the letter.

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- upon entering the clinic you’ll discover that Austin, the small tour overview boy, has actually been bitten through a Mole Rat. You’ll learn of a secret Vault adjoining Vault 81. Follow Bobby the end of the room and he’ll lead you to the reactor, opened a mystery door for you top top arrival. Head inside.
Secret Vault 81. This location is a nightmareif you want to avoid obtaining bitten.

Before we obtain started, a indigenous of caution: something bad will happen at the end of this pursuit if you space successfully assaulted by any kind of of the Mole Rats that appear in this area. If you want to stop that happening, you simply need to not obtain hit. Sounds fun, right? Explosives, stealth movements, a silenced weapon, and a absence of companions will certainly make this area much easier, presume you desire to stop this grisly, heretofore faint fate.
- You emerge in a Vault that has obviously seen much better days. Ahead and also on your ideal is a small side room with a bunch of fairly useless junk; straight ahead are stairs. Up! Your very first Vault 81 rap Mole Rat is covert at the top, in a dust pile. Be ready with V.A.T.S. To take it it down.
- take it a left in ~ the stairs. There are some Stimpaks in a niche on her left, and at the finish of the catwalk is a tiny room. There’s a terminal inside that defines some of what taken place here. The following door leads right into a hallway; be prepared for 2 ceiling Turrets to open fire once you ring the edge to the left. Attacking them will additionally draw a Protectron the end to battle you.
- down the room you’ll uncover a room on her left joined to one more room, enabling you come bypass the blockade in the hall. Beyond are stairway leading under to a cafeteria, and when you gain to the bottom an additional Turret to her left will open fire. Take it out. The cafeteria and the bathroom alongside it are reasonably useless, so head under the hall alongside the Protectron unit in the pod.
- store walking until you with a dust floor. This is risk territory. The dirt itself is fine until you reach the stairs in ~ the much end, at which point multiple Mole Rats will burst the end of the ground behind you. Crouch, relocate up the stair a bit, and also use V.A.T.S. To kill ‘em. They have frail bodies, so one struggle apiece must do.
- Check about at the top of the stairway for number of Stimpaks in boxes, then strategy the monitor close to the next collection of stairs. It reveals some of the true objective of this hidden Vault. Continue up the stair to uncover a defense door; you’ll hear Mole Rat noises, an ext than likely, but none will certainly appear.
- There’s an additional monitor in the following hallway, and looking at it or relocating past the will cause a slew the Mole Rats to spawn in several different places, most of them back the way you came. Be ready for the small bastards to shot and rush you from behind and also bite friend in the butt as soon as you’re not looking. Quick V.A.T.S. Occupational will save you safe. More will start putting through a gate near the next terminal under the hallway; was standing a street away and peg them together they burst through.
- Head down the stairs past the gate. There’s part ammo in a spilled locker on her right and also a door ~ above your following left, beyond which you have to hear Mole Rats bursting out of the ground favor crazy. This will be borne out a little bit in the following area, a two-level concourse, as 2 Mole Rats will charge the end of a room on her left, and another native the room on her right. Take it ‘em down. There’s a Master wall surface safe in the best room, if you have actually the chops to gain it open. (Note the a Mole Rat ~ above the upper level might clip v the floor in this rooms; feel complimentary to shooting ‘em in the confront while they’re jutting out of the ceiling.)
- Head to the top floor. On your best is an expert door come hack open. If you can’t open up it yourself you’ll have to walk come the rooms in ~ the far finish of the floor, wherein a Mole Rat Brood mommy waits. Getting into a fight with it will certainly bring another Brood mother out come play, together with a ‘normal’ Mole Rat that takes a lot an ext damage come kill, for part reason. These Mole Rats generate to her left and behind you, make them extremely dangerous. If you are afraid being bit, think about jumping off of the platform and onto the reduced level so you deserve to kill lock on the stairs.
- You’ll discover a trunk containing some goodies in one room in the section they to be guarding, as well as a Mini Nuke in a collapse locker. There’s an additional terminal in the larger, adjoining room - and, beside it, a Vault 81 technology Password Holotape. There are variety of other item in this room precious collecting, together well, including a Stealth Boy on one of the tables. Note, too, the the refrigerator in this room actually has stuff in it, unlike 99 percent that fridges in fallout 4.
Curie, the most adorable robotic nurse evar.

- usage hacking or the Password to acquire through the door. Within you’ll uncover a sealed room ‘manned’ by Curie, a miss Nanny robot. She has developed a Vault 81 Cure over the years, and also after you ‘authorize’ her to leave her room she’ll hand it end to you. Examine her room for two more terminals and also a Medicine Bobblehead, sitting next to the terminal ~ above the desk. Usage the elevator external Curie’s room to return to Vault 81.

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- Head ago to the clinic. The physician is waiting, and he’ll ask because that the Cure. Friend now have a choice:
Keep it because that yourself. You"ll have actually a second chance come go back on this decision, however if you stick come your guns Vault 81 will basically hate you. If you usage the cure on yourself points will carry on together normal, v no difficulties stemming from any kind of Mole Rat bites. Any kind of companions you lugged along will, typically, think you space the scum the the earth for walking this route, therefore you may want to give them the boot prior to making the decision.Hand end the Cure. This will joy the people of Vault 81, together opposed to making them dislike your guts, and also the doctor will offer you a short Syringer Rifle as thanks. The Overseer will additionally give you a room of your own. (It’s the previous storage room on the top floor of the atrium as soon as you first come out of the elevator indigenous the surface.) ~ above the flip side, you will certainly permanentlylose ten wellness if you to be bitten and didn"t cure yourself. Yay! expect you were careful!
- Head the end after the quest. Curie will protect against you and also ask to end up being a companion. Let her tag along and also you’ll have one more flaily robot like Codsworth, just with a French accent. Glee! Curie is extremely useful, together she"ll periodically offer you a Stimpak if you speak come her. Couple of things room as handy together Stimpaks.