Whether you"re brand-new to LG phones, Android in general or you"re just brushing up on the basics, it"s precious knowing just how to quickly capture what"s on your screen and also share that — or save on computer it for safekeeping.

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Like most LG phones, the G5 — the korean company"s flagship phone because that 2016 — lets you take it a screenshot in a pair of different ways. The first simply takes an image of your screen and saves it to the gallery; the second gets a bit an ext fancy, through annotation alternatives that let you create or attract on your image prior to saving or sharing it.

So let"s dive in. Head past the rest to uncover out exactly how to take a screenshot ~ above the LG G5


LG G5 screenshot — method 1

The easiest method to take a screenshot ~ above the LG G5 is the tried and also true button combination — pressing the power and also volume down secrets at the same time. The LG G5 has actually its power key on the back, so effectively pulling this off deserve to be tricker than on various other Android phones v buttons top top the side. In any kind of case, v a little of practice it"s easy enough.

Everyone loves a numbered list, so here"s a step-by-step rundown:

Get the display you want to catch ready — consisting of clearing away any type of embarrassing (or incriminating) notifications or floating apps.Press the volume down and power keys at precisely the very same time. (If you press one also late after the other, it won"t work.)That"s it. The screenshot will be conserved to the "Screenshots" folder in your gallery for simple retrieval.If you want to immediately share it, discover the screenshot notification in your notification tray, climate hit the "Share" button.

... And you"re done!


The second method to take it a screenshot ~ above the LG G5 entails using LG"s Capture+ app. It"ll most likely be the an initial circular shortcut icon displayed in your an alert tray, despite this may vary depending upon which version of G5 girlfriend have.


Get the display you desire to capture ready.Pull down the notification shade and tap the "Capture+" icon.From here, you have the right to annotate or draw on her screenshot — inspect the pen, eraser and also text icons in the bar at the top.When you"re done, tap the checkbox in the height left edge to save your screenshot.

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Simple! Congratulations, LG G5 owner — you have mastered the art of screenshot-taking on your modular metal marvel.