As you know, Alcatel Mobile Phones and also Alcatel OneTouch is a mobile brand owned by Fennish firm Nokia, and was licensed by TCL for cellphones and gadgets. Alcatel phones generally stay in low price with respectable specs and construct.

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Alcatel prides itself on value-for-money across its all tools. If you are an Alcatel user, you may acquire bit indevelopment on screenshot skills on Alcatel phones. Well, this post will certainly offer you answers on just how to screenswarm on Alcatel devices.


Part 1. How to Take a Screenshot on Alcatel with Gestures

The most basic method for Alcatel phones to take a screenshot is utilizing gestures and also activities. The following is the comprehensive measures to screenshot through gestures.

Tip 1 Go to Setups on Alcatel phone. Head to Gestures or Gestures and also Motions.

Step 2 Enable Special movement strategy to take screenswarm on your Alcatel phone.

Step 3 Then go to the display screen you want to capture, and follow the gestures you have made to take screenswarm on Alcatel phone.

Note: If you very own an Alcatel phone that runs the latest Android units, you can usage the Screenshot option in the notice bar.

Part 2. How to Record Alcatel Display Imperiods with Buttons

By pushing the shortcut vital combicountry, you deserve to conveniently capture a screenshot on Alcatel One Touch or other gadgets.

Step 1 Locate the Alcatel screen you want to take a screenshot.

Tip 2 Hold and also press Power and Volume down butlots at the exact same time for about 2 seconds.

Step 3 To see the caught screenswarm, you deserve to open the Gallery and view all your Alcatel screenshots.


Part 3. How to Screenshot on Alcatel with Third-party App

If the 2 default methods doesn’t occupational well, you can look for a third-party app choose Screenshot in the Play Store and also install it on Alcatel 7, Alcatel Fierce 2 or Alcatel One Touch.

Step 1 Search and install Screenswarm application from the Play Store.

Tip 2 Press Power and also Volume down button at the exact same time for a while till the screenswarm mirrors up.

Tip 3 After screenshot, you can trim the screenshot, include text or annotation to the screenshot. The screenswarm will be saved in the Gallery app. (See where are photos stored on Android)


Recommended: Best Screenshot Catch tool

When you mirror the Alcatel phone screen to computer, just how carry out you take a clear screenshot? Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder have to be the ideal screenswarm tool for Alcatel tools.

Main features of the finest Alcatel screenswarm tool

2. Record videos through high top quality. 3. Take a quick screenshot and also edit the picture by including message, line, color, spray, etc. 4. Choose the complete display or a partial region to take a screenshot on Alcatel screen.

Part 4. FAQs of Taking Screenswarm on Alcatel

Can I take a screenshot on Alcatel 7?

Yes. You deserve to take screenswarm on Alcatel 7 using the default methods from Screenshot in the notification panel, button combicountry or gestures.

How carry out I block message messages on my Alcatel phone?

To block message messperiods on your Alcatel phone, you deserve to open Messages. Tap Menu > Blocked calls. Select the number you desire to block, and tap the trash have the right to.

How carry out I send pictures from my Alcatel phone?

To sfinish photos from Alcatel phone, you deserve to tap Messaging, then tap the plus authorize to develop a message. Tap the plus authorize aobtain to expand also the menu, and also tap Pictures to take a new photo. Then tap the examine note icon to insert the image right into the message. When finished, tap Send MMS to sfinish the picture.


Tbelow are many methods to take a screenswarm on Alcatel devices. Besides the default approach we mentioned in the article, tright here are more screenswarm apps you can pick to take a perfect screenswarm. For skilled screen capture, we highly recommend Blu-ray Master Screen Recorder to capture the totality screenshot and also modify it via the powerful editing and enhancing tools.

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