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The screen will quickly flash and also a tiny toolbar will display at the bottom of her screen, consisting of a tiny preview that the saved record and alternatives for modifying the image.

Swipe her Hand throughout the screen

Another way to take screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy A51 is to swipe the side of her hand throughout the screen, one of two people from right to left or left to right—it’s her call.

For this method, friend will usage the pinky side of your hand and slowly glide it throughout the screen, taking a second or 2 to gradually slide the from one edge come the other. If the phone efficiently recognizes her action, girlfriend will watch the exact same kind the flash followed by a panel v options.

use a Voice Assistant

If you usage Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant or the Google Assistant on her phone, you can additionally use either choice to conveniently capture an image from your display on demand.

For Bixby, depending on how her phone is configured, you might need come press and hold the power button for a moment, or quickly double-click the power button. As soon as the Bixby prompt pops up at the bottom of the screen, simply say, “Take a screenshot.

For Google Assistant, swiping up from either bottom edge of the display screen will carry up the prompt, and also you deserve to say, “Take a screenshot” to yield the exact same result.

just how to modify Your Screenshot

With any kind of of the above methods, you’ll check out the aforementioned screen flash and also then a tiny toolbar will show up at the bottom of your Galaxy A51’s screen. This is wherein you deserve to expand and also edit the screenshot, together desired.

On the left side, just to the ideal of the one preview that the screenshot, is an icon that reflects downward-pointing arrows. This option allows you broaden the screenshot to capture parts of the application that aren’t currently in view. This is beneficial for capturing whole website or conversation, because that example. Tap the button as countless times as required to catch another part of the app.


The center icon with a little pencil lets you conveniently edit the screenshot, chop the size and dimensions that the image, annotate the image with digital doodles, and also erase perhaps sensitive information and also data. As soon as edited, insanity the downward-pointing arrowhead on the appropriate side of the toolbar to save the final image.

There’s also a hashtag symbol for providing your screenshot a tags (like #family or #puppy, for example) to make it much easier to sort and also find later, add to a share symbol for sending the photo via text message, email, conversation apps, and other services.

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Go come Settings > Advanced Features to allow or disable the Palm Swipe to Capture option. Madness Screenshots and also screen recorder to change extr settings, like the default format for screenshots.

The procedures are the same as the Samsung A51. Press Power+volume down, swipe your hand throughout the screen horizontally, or phone call Bixby come “Take a screenshot.”