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Just tie it under hard. Have someone sit on the bike to compress the suspension once you tighten the ratchets. Or is your trailer bed really slippery?

It shouldn"t be as well slippery, it"s lumber I believe. I just really don"t desire to the front tire to slip the end in a rotate or something, just being paranoid.
Yeah, you"ll be all good. Ns took mine for a kind hike tied down to a wooden bedded trailer and also no probs at every


It shouldn"t be too slippery, it"s wood I believe. I simply really don"t want to the front tire to slip out in a turn or something, just being paranoid.
This is your difficulty ^^^^But, it"s always great to ask others before assuming and just rolling v it simply to have actually a problem. An excellent luck and have a safe trip. Jesus loves you.
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You have the right to do a pair pieces of lumber to channel the wheel and if the trailer has actually a upright rail in front of the tire you can strap the wheel come it in bespeak to avoid it transforming on you.
Just tie it down hard. Have actually someone sit top top the bike to compress the suspension once you tighten the ratchets. Or is your trailer bed yes, really slippery?
Don"t execute this. If you compress the suspension too much your going come bust a fork seal. I tow all the time with my truck or trailer and I"ve never used a wheel chock. If your hauling a sportbike i would highly purchase a Canyon Dancer prior to towing.
There"s some an excellent info in this thread: don"t need a chock as long as you have actually something to protect against the former wheel from relocating forward, choose the prior of the trailer.My personal opinion is the canyon dancers blow, however it is not a well-known opinion here. I likewise think that any type of chock the isn"t a Baxley is much more trouble 보다 it"s worth. My buddy gained his CBR wheel grounding in a Trackside brand chock over the weekend and it took 2 very heavy and solid men to obtain the wheel out. The port Freight chocks need to be bolted down to work.
We didn"t have a chock therefore we simply ratchet tied under the suspension so the wouldn"t bounce around, placed it up versus the prior of the trailer and additionally tied the front brake bar in to keep it engaged. We went over quite a couple of bumps and also had kind speed. I will admit i was a little worried yet it didn"t shake, bounce or relocate it all. Everything went well.
Awesome, many thanks for the advice guys. Ns would obtain a wheel chock and put it on, but it"s no my trailer and also I don"t desire to leaving too numerous holes in it. I"m just going to push it up to the prior of the trailer, compress and tie it down, then pond 2 2x4"s on either side of the front wheel and also tie the brake lever. Ns think the should host her.
Most violated KF rule: 2. - article titles must be descriptive the the components of her post. I.e. "Help v fuel injectors" instead of "HELP!!!!"
Brought mine earlier on a trailer. Looped a strap roughly the front tires an attached it come the prior of the trailer so it couldn"t move backwards.Obviously tie down the front forks.Then ns looped a strap roughly the back tire and also tied it to the sides so the couldn"t wiggle back and firth that much. Operated great.

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Don"t execute this. If friend compress the suspension too lot your going come bust a fork seal. I tow all the time with my van or trailer and also I"ve never used a wheel chock. If her hauling a sportbike ns would highly purchase a Canyon Dancer before towing.
Good point, kinda. Don"t compress the forks much more than 50% the travel and don"t have them compressed for an extended length that time. Over there shouldn"t be a need to. Fork seals is a controversial issue however spring deformation is additionally to be considered
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