I turn developer choices "off", yet is over there anything rather that needs to be done? not my phone therefore don"t desire to mess anything increase :-)


I've heard that there is a switch in the top or reduced corners of the developer options menu to turn it off.
You can actually hide the Developer options permanently native the food selection until someone allows it again. Just follow this -

Menu > settings > Apps > all apps > (find) settings > clear data > confirm Developers options will it is in turned off immediately although castle are enabled by complying with the over step.

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After Developer setting is disabled, the will placed your phone ago into the exact same state the it to be in prior to Developer mode was enabled. It will disable every developer options that could lead to security concerns (Allowing ADB, etc.) and the slightly strength draining choices (show touch, running processes) that are open up to developers.

However, together
Andrew T. Point out out, you won"t have the ability to hide the developer options. The only means to re-hide castle is to execute a factory reset (which most likely isn"t worth it).


Yes, over there is a means to hide it. Yet the alternatives like USB debugging, if rotate on, will remain turned on.

It"ll only hide the developer option.


Go to setups → Applications.

Swipe and go to all applications.There will certainly be an application called "Settings"

Click on it → "Clear data".

Now, the Settings app will automatically close. Open up Settings application again and Developer choices should be gone.

It worked on my allisonbrookephotography.com phone (running KitKat).

Note the it will just hide the options, but the setups would stay as it to be before. Because that resetting the options, you must do that manually.

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