New player and also while running with levels is funny I feeling I’m missing out ~ above a most content. Honestly it is kind of making me desire to prevent playing till the patch that ends.

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You would miss most that the quest areas even there is no the 100% xp buff. If girlfriend wait until shadowlands come play you will certainly literally just play one old expansion to level to present level cap because of the new level changes.

Visit the exp blocker NPC. That means you have the right to freeze her level until you finish X's expasion content. Old world tops off at 60 through the level scaling, Outland/Northrend 80, Mists/Cata 90, WoD 100 and Legion 110.

Not a poor suggestion here. You have the right to pause, and also play a details area until your contents with the time spent.

I worry the finish lack of exp obtain will feel almost as wrong though, together slow progression feels rewarding, but no development is practically as poor as cost-free levels being spilled the end of your pockets favor spaghetti

You will need multiple character if you perform want to reap every solitary quest and also story over there is. Just select a various path the leveling, once you decide to go for an additional character. I myself do it that method and after prefer 10 characters i still have some zones, that ns didnt really pursuit in. You might go because that a total XP stop, however then friend would't get any levels :)

You deserve to turn off all experience gain I think. Climate you deserve to work through an expansion and turn it earlier on when you begin the last zone of one expansion. It's not the greatest option yet sounds favor something that could help you.

No. Also without the double xp you would certainly still level with zones fast and miss many of the short level content. And it's not going come end. Leveling in shadowlands is gaining a finish overhaul, it's going come be even faster. We'll have the ability to level 10-50 v a solitary expansion. ~ above the alpha it right now takes much less than 12 hours to level a character up.

Ah okay. Ns didn’t understand that that did the without the XP buff. Eh i guess atleast ns can get to max and also work come unlock the unique races then. Thanks a lot.

The levelling speed with the 100% buff is collection to be around the exact same speed that you will level once shadowlands drops and also level lid is reduced to 60. If you want, you can wait till shadowlands bc they're revamping the levelling system and it'll feel less rushed.

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However I'd to speak you have to at least finish your an initial character so you can prepare for shadowlands. It'll be an extremely alt-friendly and you'll have the ability to fly through all the content and see whats going ~ above everywhere

Yet below you are on the retail forums instead of classicwow forums. Uneven you just enjoy being miserable and looking at things you hate.