Did friend knowIn 2013-14, The many Downloaded application Candy crush Saga? Candy crush levelsare extremely complicated as seems to have happened a level thought to the following is practically done however the reality is rather different.To overlook not arrive on time, here are a number of tricks come get an excellent puetro the 400 levels the exist in liquid Crush.

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Before playing, make certain you have enough battery.A solitary level of the video game can consume as much as 10% that the battery.To play a small more, that is great idea to rotate off data connections and also wi-fi.Unlike various other games,Candy crush Sagano connection required to play.
Candy like Saga is easy ... Until level 30. Afterwards the game is complicated.Seize these beforehand levels to discover all the subtleties that the game mechanics.From level 33, every relocate is gold.
Early in the game, they give us threelollipop hammers,allowing united state to eliminate the candy you choose.Beware!Do not be fooled by this generosity.These three space the only hammers lollipop totally free items in the game.
The game offers us virtually always the worst feasible move.Wait a bit an ext to select what come do.In most games, time does not count.
By combining four candies that the very same color, get acandystriped.One trick that many people do not know: if we relocated to make 4 candy horizontal stripes room horizontal;if you"ve relocated in vertical stripes will be vertical.
Candy stripes with candy wrapped: create a gigantic candy destroys three side stripes and also three horizontal lines.In countless cases, eliminates over half of the screen.

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Bright liquid candy stripes: this combination will make all the candy of the same color as the stripes instantly become candy stripes, and also explode in every directions.

7. Damn chocolate

With couple of rules, we have the right to predict whereby it will expand and contain it.If you ruin a item of chocolate, not increase on the turn.Not breakthrough where over there is a cherry or hazelnut.When girlfriend expand, stop eating sweets bonus. Only eat as soon as you can not spread out to one more place

8. Bottom come Top

it is always much better to ruin candies bottom of the screen.

9. Edge gelatins

In many games the score is to remove the gelatin. Usually simple task, v one exception: once the gelatin is in ~ the edges and also corners that the board. Candies edges are least move. Therefore, hardly obtain easy combinations. When we gelatin in this places, we should be alarm to any kind of opportunity to get rid of it.

10. An ext Lives

candy Crush Saga let us invest a preferably of 5 lives, unless we are willing come pay for them. Otherwise, when they run out, you have to wait fifty percent an hour to get a brand-new life. After this articleLuckilyWe room found new fresh top an enig tips and also hint for liquid crush inspect These Here
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