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Ryzen 7 1700AMD$320Bench 71%, 205,702 samples69x

RX 550AMD$79Bench 13%, 15,618 samples34x
Radeon RX550/550AMDBench 13%, 33,225 samples9x
GTX 1060-6GBNvidia$290Bench 57%, 1,230,572 samples3x
RX 5700-XTAMD$400Bench 105%, 368,606 samples3x
GTX 1080Nvidia$540Bench 106%, 925,555 samples2x

970 Evo NVMe PCIe M.2 500GBSamsung$75Bench 267%, 346,415 samples3x
850 Evo 500GBSamsung$120Bench 111%, 742,645 samples2x
SSD 240GBBench 73%, 31,953 samples2x
CS900 240GBPNY$28Bench 76%, 46,476 samples2x
850 Evo 250GBSamsung$60Bench 106%, 857,473 samples2x

M378A1K43CB2-CRC 2x8GBSamsungBench 74%, 21,542 samples32x
HMA81GU6MFR8N-UH 2x8GBHynixBench 73%, 2,620 samples21x
HMA81GU6AFR8N-UH 2x8GBHynixBench 74%, 16,164 samples11x
3200 C16 series 2x16GBUnknownBench 88%, 5,175 samples2x
HP24D4U7S8MBP-8 2x8GBKingstonBench 70%, 1,068 samples1x

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