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INSTANT 60+ MPH awesome AND an effective KEN BLOCK ACTION!You"ve watched it in Gymkhana 8, you"ve seen it in Terrakhana, and also you"ve watched it gyeongju in Gymkhana net - Ken Block"s jaw-droppingly cool color-shift Ford Fiesta ST RX43 racer is now available for you to drive away in a sweet 1/8th scale WR8 FLUX version! HPI FLUX power is able to propel this 485mm (19") long replica vehicle from a stand start right into wild racing activity and 60+ mph (100+km/h) with just a single pull that the trigger, so it"s the perfect way to copy Ken"s epos performances through your friends!Underneath the replica Ken Block Ford Fiesta ST RX43 body, the WR8 FLUX chassis is based on the HPI bullet RC monster truck, which way it"s massively tough and can take it a real beating on- or off-road! The WR8 FLUX is powered by a huge 4000KV brushless motor and also waterproof 3S-capable rate controller, transferring power through difficult metal equipment differentials and also the fully ball bearing-supported 4WD pillar drivetrain of the cartridge monster truck.

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Allisonbrookephotography.combine this v WR8 rally-style suspension geometry, custom-designed shock towers and dampers, to add extra-thick sway bars for extra control! optimal it off through semi-slick tarmac tires and also replica fifteen52 TurboMac wheels and also you"ve acquired an prompt head-turner in her hands!The HPI gyeongju WR8 is crammed v awesome attributes that improve its durability everywhere you desire to take it it, consisting of a high soil clearance, skidplate, foam front bumper, optimized rally-style suspension geometry, shock debris guards, mud deflectors on the chassis and also much more. It"s the ideal machine to race your girlfriend on Gymkhana-style courses and also multi-surface tracks, or anywhere you like!Like every HPI racing RTR (Ready-To-Run) cars, the WR8 FLUX is allisonbrookephotography.completely pre-built: every you need to do is open the box, install the batteries and also you are ready for awesome stunt action! 4 AA alkaline HPI Plazma batteries are consisted of for the transmitter, every you have to administer is a 2S or 3S LiPo battery for the car, add to a LiPo charger.SUPER-HIGH in-depth REPLICAThere"s no getting approximately it: this is an amazingly in-depth replica the Ken Block"s Ford Fiesta ST RX43! indigenous the former splitter come the behind wing, all the means down come the impressive fifteen52 TurboFan and TurboMac wheels, this automobile looks just like the real thing! Every tiny information of Ken’s real auto is replicated in 1/8th scale: the grilles, headlights, the double-level behind wing and also spoiler...even the American flag wrapped roughly the roof air intake! If you desire to drive choose Ken, you’ve acquired to have actually his car, and HPI have the only authorized RC replica that Ken’s Ford Fiesta ST RX43 car!



Officially authorized replica of Ken Block"s "Color-Shift"Ford Fiesta ST RX43Pre-Assembled 1/8th scale carBased on the cartridge FLUX monster truckFLUX MMH-4000 motorWaterproof EMH-3S speed controller2.4GHz radio systemWaterproof steering servoEnclosed receiver box3mm aluminum chassis with centralized weight balanceFull-time 4WD for excellent controlEfficient and also tough shaft drivetrainFront skidplate with resilient foam bumperallisonbrookephotography.composite chassis braces because that extra control feelTough oil-filled 4-gear differentialsReplica fifteen52 TurboMac wheelsReal rubber semi-slick tiresAluminum shock towers front and rearOil-filled coil-over shocks with adjustable ride heightFront and also rear guide bars for excellent handlingHigh floor clearance because that driving on most surfacesMud security for rear shocks avoid dirt build-upQuick accessibility to all crucial maintenance pointsDual bellcrank steeringCam form servo saverAll hex head hardwareFull set of rubber-sealed ball bearings


2S or 3S lithium-polymer battery through T-plug - us reallisonbrookephotography.commend HPI gyeongju Plazma packs!Battery charger - we reallisonbrookephotography.commend HPI racing Reactor chargers!




Length: 485mm (19") Width: 227mm (8.9") Height: 172mm (6.7") Wheelbase: 300mm (11.8") tire Diameter: 80mm (3.2") Drivetrain: full-time Shaft 4WD